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Gravity fusion

First off, lets chat SMPFR (super massive plasma fusion reactors). As a thought experiment assume our population expands beyond our worst fears. Say there is, I don’t know… 60 billion (hypothetically speaking of course) humans living on planet earth. Now imagine every single one of them uses a million times more energy than the most energy consuming person alive on the planet today; That would be a lot of energy demand! how many fusion reactors would we need to meet this imaginary demand?

Lets say we create just one….. how big would it need to be to supply enough fusion power for this hypothetical crowded planet? What energy output would this one reactor need to achieve?

How far away from this super fusion reactor would we need to be, in order for us to extract energy safely without risk to human civilisation?

How much energy does the sun output?

How does wireless charging work?

How do we tap energy from fusion happening in the lab?

My apologies for the misleading title, it was to attract the attention of questioning minds.



Thoughts of energy frequency and vibration

Maybe it is the combination of these three factors that is responsible for bringing our (and all) consciousness in to form?

While experiencing the way we do as a “one” we have infinite parts, but we are not “one” of them. Our consciousness at deep levels of letting go of form chooses to attach itself to parts for it to identify itself with; such as an energy, a frequency, or a vibration. But the source (which we are?) is beyond all “that”.

The source can be seen as infinite. As such this could be disorientating to experience. All frequencies, all energy, all vibrations existing timelessly at once. We are not one of these factors, but all of them.

Different dimensions exist, and they are infinite, which make up source. We are travelling through different dimensions continuously, only choosing to remember a small amount of each part, to handle the process psychologically. To experience infinity before we are ready, has been proven to send lifeforms to the gates of sanity.

Have patience, when we are ready to experience the infinite; allow, and let go of all.

Remember that we are consciousness.


Enlightening 22

Enlightenment is only difficult because the word leads to a concept of what enlightenment “is”, and what it is, is beyond conceptualisation.

Discussing something that is beyond concept, can’t really be achieved. It can lead to some misunderstandings, and argument.

Enlightenment can only be experienced, anything that I say here disturbs your concept of this conception-less, yet seeming concept. Anything that I say I have experienced is meaningless and illusive to you. Unless we both (or all) decide to embrace non-concept.

The mind is eager to attach a concept to the conception-less. This act of concept searching seems to be (from my perspective with conception) what can prevent enlightened sight.


Where is god?

So if god really does lie within, and most of us don’t know where he’s at…… Then that’s a pretty big deal.

The creator lives inside us, and most of us can’t observe?

Lets explore that for a moment; if you are a creator and you want to be out of plain sight to casual observers, where would be the ultimate hiding place?

What if god lies aroundside the concept of letting the concept of god go? maybe god lies beyond this last concept, of a creator living beyond concept itself?


The psychology of infinity

Really try to grasp a concept of infinity for one moment here:

Every thing and non-thing that you can imagine, beyond even your imagination. Infinity is all happens, all is.

It’s hard to grasp fully, but surely infinity is real? How could there be an end? What’s outside the end?

If we can imagine outside the universe, then it must exist, as the concept of infinity should be beyond our imagination. If we imagine there is other dimensions, surely they exist? Even beyond what we imagine as the number of “possible” universes, we still don’t get close to understanding the nature of even “this” expression of infinity.

Infinity can drive us mad, as we are looking for an end. Infinity is infinity, not even the word or the thought pattern it fires within the human brain, can begin to comprehend what this is. But surely it is?

We have built religions, political ideas, and beliefs over parts of infinity. We argue, disagree and even kill over each others beliefs about their understanding over single parts of this infinity.

However infinity is infinity, all that is, is.


Bright side

Looking at some of the conspiracies it can seem like we are in the shit, have been in the shit, and gonna be a while till we are out of the shit. Maybe we are not moving in to a big brother global slavery state? Maybe that is what has been, and has become widely visible through the power of the internet.

Left unchecked this behaviour pattern could become a much more negative influence on humanity.

However…. less jobs, and less money is probably a good thing right now; As it will motivate us after years of jobless boredom to find the will to change and create. While having less money brings us closer to embracing the concept of letting it go all together.

Maybe we are becoming ready for a change. Like this…… It’s messy, it’s terrible, it’s unnatural, is beautiful, it’s disgusting, it’s awesome, it’s crazy, it’s cool, it’s love, it’s perfect.

It’s real.


Just be you

We have these needs, these endless desires to keep doing “something”?

To have a cup of tea
To party
To work
To play
To experience
To picking up the newspaper
To watching tv
To listen to music
To interact in social media
To get somewhere
To read
To look at something
To converse
To have sex
To take drugs
To drink
To pea
To meditate
To read this

The list goes on, but there is always an internal list. Even here, now; I am satisfying my need to write, as you do to read.

Maybe need is the wrong word? These are things that we all habitually do. When we find ourselves in a position where we aren’t partaking in one of our habits, we become uncomfortable, itchy, and aware of others observing us approach nothing. We quickly search for the next “thing”.

What is this “thing”? Why can’t we be comfortable as we are, wherever we are? We might ponder this question and begin to think that maybe, just maybe…. our smart phone has the answer?

If we are to live in a world of infinitely increasing awesome distractions, it might be a good idea to observer our behaviour and levels of comfort as moments of nothing draw near.


Experiencing infinity

The fact that we experience is amazing.

Why do we not remember before we where born? Is it possibly a psychological defence mechanism?

If infinity is real, and I am it. Then this leads me to assume that infinity is confusing. Due to its confusing nature I assume that I would make myself forget, and seem separate, in order to handle infinity better from a psychological perspective.


The rise of intelligence

As humanity wiggles its way through history. As we observe inside our concepts of awakening. As the planet becomes more connected through the Internet; we see signs of our own intelligence rising.

You might see a lot of information about conspiracy theories on the Internet, and a lot of them turn out to be true. However when we look at subjects of this nature from a perspective of being more intelligent, connected, and aware now; compared to less connected generations of the past, we might find a way to forgive ourselves, our governments, and organizations.

How do we create world peace?


Infinite information

Take a potato, it grows out of the ground. You see that after leaving it alone for some time it starts to sprout.

If you dissect a potato before this moment of creation you will see that it is all potato, no sign of flower or seed. Yet eventually from nowhere information and motivation leads it to create structures that enable life to replicate and continue through itself.

The information came from DNA, and with energy already stored in the potato it created something through the tiniest part of itself.

This is a miracle.

What can we learn from a potato?

Large amounts of information for creation come from microscopic strands of DNA. Mutation, cross pollination, and years of evolution eventually create 1000’s of different types of potato. All created from information contained within the smallest part of the individual potato.

We search for answers out “there” and here on the Internet, yet we see real proof all around us that we don’t actually need to do anything, and when our attention draws to the smallest part of ourselves infinite information becomes visible.



Social games

Observe needs.

There are many reasons we feel the need to…


During a conversation with multiple friends in say… a bar; notice the silence, watch people’s facial expressions. Observe the need to speak.

We will talk so much to avoid silent moments in a group. We resort to talking about illusions and judgments held in regard to each other. In a world of different opinions this type of conversation can become quite confusing.

From my own observations I see people with worried facial expressions as the moment of silence draws near, followed by continued unnecessary and infinite repetitive loops of futile conversation.

When we start to divert from truth in our conversations, all involved within the communication begin imagining their own reality. Communicating with each other based on many things that aren’t real. Escalating to arguments over each others versions of their own illusions.

I’m purposefully making this seem more dark than it is; most of the time you will find polite laughs, luke warm smiles, and accepted ignorance over repetitive loops of infinity.

However if I can be so bold as to suggest some slightly different social games;

Can we become comfortable in silence? They managed it in pulp fiction, why can’t we in our less Hollywood lifestyles imagine the same concept for ourselves?

Can we practice speaking only truth? The lies we speak aren’t even heard properly and take a great deal of mental effort to remember who understands the different depths of each of our lies. Can we remain silent if we have no truth to speak?

Crazy I know but could we practice sitting in silence, simply sending good vibes to our group of friends without saying a word?


Planetary resources

We have many resources available to us, and we have more people than ever to help mine, fabricate, and construct materials; in order to create useful products for humanity. Unfortunately everyone is in debt, and are protesting, remain ignorant, or try to control in order to benefit themselves.

Unless we take the great step for mankind and move beyond politics, war, money and greed, our civilisation will simply crumble, and eventually re-start.

When we begin to share resources, with reasonable and fair equal responsibility we will move humanity beyond this initial first phase/test.

To share means you care.


Expansive universe

The expansion of the universe is happening faster than speed of light

When our universe was younger, the amount we could see out of our sphere would have been less.

The observable universe can only ever be the amount of lightyears since the point of creation.

Hence the bubble that we now see is 13 billion light years across.

With the knowledge of its current size, if we where to go back in time we would observe a smaller “observable universe”.

If we draw a diagram with our current observable universe bubble size with all its bits that we can observe on the diagram. Then if we draw an earlier time in the universe where our bubble size was smaller and drew the same observable bubbles for all the other star systems in our current observable universe.

We would see some interesting patterns emerge, and it would be interesting to see how long ago it was that we couldn’t see even the edge of other observable bubbles.

With the effect of time and light we can understand this model in the past, and maybe it has some relevance in our future, where we eventually begin to observe the edges of other larger observable bubble universes.

It will only be a matter of time.


We are swimming in our own shit.

Just like food, energy passes through your body in various forms, all the time. I.e Someone you don’t like enters the room/someone you secretly love.

You receive this energy, you translate it, you reflect, you respond.

Your energy is your pool, and you are carrying it around, swimming in it even.

Just like in the way you could stuff your face full of burgers, beer, cheese, and cigarettes repetitively; You can stuff your energy holes full of repetitive negative energies, worries, anger, fears, resentment, jealousy, etc.

With the process of your consciousness you have the choice to be as you wish, and what you choose affects what others deem as possible to choose.

So you can choose to stuff all your holes with shit, flowers, whatever…it’s up to you, it’s your swimming pool.


We all have the same issues.

Different degrees of the same issues, but when you look inside yourself disgusted at a lot of what you see, know that everyone has the same shit.

Don’t be shy to share, explore , understand; and to resolve accept or change the shit that lies within.

To understand other people’s shit, you must first have a really good look at your own pile without resistance. That moment when you find a behavioural pattern inside yourself and begin to cringe, is the thing that should be observed and released.

Honestly, openly, ACTUALLY deal with your shit. Remember that behavioural patterns spread. And if your shit ain’t even that bad, and you start dealing with it openly….people with real smelly piles of shit might see the necessity of such observation’s.

Openly share and spread positive behaviour patterns.


Everybody doesn’t say…..

We say its all good, when it doesn’t feel that way, when we need help.

We all have things we see as “problems” which we rarely share with others. When you start to share, you start to see that we all have similar issues. By communicating with each other and discussing our “issues” we find new ways of looking at them, accepting, or changing them positively.

A common issue we all have is understanding each other. Especially in close relationships. We find it difficult to discuss some of the smaller issues we feel we have with our lovers. When we begin to discuss these issues with others, we see similarities.

In the relationship I have with my lover it seems that there is a difference in the way we both perceive events that happen around us. My partner is very much a “feeler” and has most of her thoughts concerned abut how she will “feel” about a given situation. And she will change her mind to something completely different (from my perspective “irrational”) to adjust the way she thinks she might feel about it.

This can go against my thought based logical approach which seems from my partners perspective to lack feeling and emotion.

Each relationship will be different, you may be on the same page, I.e. both feelers, both thinkers etc. You could be the opposite from what I describe here. However I personally believe that the reason for our relationships is to learn from each other, to see ourselves, and to begin to align our thinking and feeling within our reality, in order to better understand ourselves, each other, and the universe.

Confusion arrives when verbal communication is out of line with truth from the individual.

When our actions meet the words we say, comprehensive communication is possible.

The master key to end the suffering of humanity, is in every single persons seeming hour of darkness. The courage to inject love in to yourself and those in your reality within these moments of darkness will bring great change inside and outside.


Psychic abilities?

Disclaimer: The following is absolute bullshit, it’s my bullshit, and it is completely fictional. I encourage you to discover and share your own fictional sssssstuff.

Psychic abilities are available to everyone. To perceive them is a process of understanding and much learning.

As simply as I can put it, at this moment, from my own experiences:

To see you must be free; Free of concepts, free from mind, free of fear, worry, stress, anxiety. For these are constrictions to your consciousness. If you pay attention to these moments as they occur you will feel your body and arteries begin to constrict.

If you can bear the courage to stand staring before a moment with dented ego, pride, and in front of your darkest fear, willing but not wishing to die. Then you will see the connection point for this form of communication within you, expanding openly in to the universe. To which we are all connected, by the smallest parts of existence, that everyone is a part of.


Dirty energy

Dear significant person

Companies want to look after their interests, make profit and protect their organisation. The bigger the organisation the bigger the need to protect.

I can understand why oil companies would want to promote bad science and press towards the public in regard to climate issues. In order to protect the companies interest.

We obviously have a large issue with energy, and continuing to burn fossil fuels will continually harm our planet. So it is in the interest of us all to protect the climate.

I also understand that we may need to continue using fossil fuels through a change to renewables.

However there is a lot of human energy being spent on holding on to this old dirty system, when we could simply channel that human energy in to solving the crisis.

If the public are aware clearly of the issues involved and the steps we need to accept along the way, you may find a lot of public and even voluntary support to help fix the situation.

So I ask you who reads this, will you help lead a positive change for humanity and clear up our energy production methods?





Control vs responsibility

Governments are getting a lot of stick. So are the people. A government is a structure containing people.

Fighting wars (as we see in history and in the news today), isn’t working to establish peace. When you kill someone many are affected, when you kill more; many more are negatively affected.

Taking people’s ideas of reality, their freedom, family, friends, or their work away from them, may piss them off likewise.

In our relationships (professional, social, and personal) when a negative concept of control is presented, we generally tend to resist, deny, or massage the concept in to our controlling nature.

The governments (may seem) to desire control of foreign and domestic people, and to feel like their controls wont be taken away from them. The people want to control the government, the banks want to control everything. And we are all people, being affected by the same process.

If we continue vibrating un-harmoniously between different perceptions of control, we will eventually realise that there will be no end to this mass psychological delusion. Unless we change our perceptions and behaviour In complete accord.

If not now, after all the suffering we have witnessed, will it be easier after more?

This concept of control can only be temporary, we all inevitably die. We have all been right, and wrong. We have all been responsible, and irresponsible. Everyone has been affected by this mass psychological delusion, varying in degree. Many have reflected like with like, the opposite, and lied to distort our perception of reality in our favour.

We have the option to unanimously take responsibility, positive peaceful action, and dissolve perceptions of control. Involve all the people to make peace. Involve the people from all structures and relationships inclusive of those you perceive to control and be controlled by.

Do not control, do not be controlled, take responsibility, positively change behaviours, take peaceful action. Work together. Change the way information is communicated in all relationships; from a perception of control, to a perception of global equal unanimous unity.

peace from the smallest to the biggest social structures within our reality.

We, ALL the people.


Making a big deal of it.

Yes you may have some problems but don’t make a big deal of it.

By creating a bigger deal of it; people will see you’re exaggeration from an intuitive perspective.

People are less likely to help the “big deal” and happy to help the real deal.

Not everyone helps, but don’t make a big deal of it.

Ask, but don’t make a big deal of it.

If someone might hear the complaint in your voice they will be less likely to listen.

Find the solution, communicate properly without creating a deal.

For then you’re world will change for real!


Global local, Local global

Local and efficient, shared farming and food production
Global sharing of most effective and natural techniques

Local waste management and filtration
Global sharing of most effective natural techniques and waste to energy technology

Local need assessment
Global resource sharing

Local resource sharing
Global resource management

Local and individual responsibility
Global communication of best practice

Global suggestions
Local and individual sensible implementation

Global equality
Local and individual freedom

Global responsibility
Local and individual freedom to choose method of contribution

Local total learning
Global connectivity and advancing human intelligence

Local and free medical care information, resource and technology
Global shared methods and teaching

Global standards
Locally shared positive and individual responsibility

Locally shared construction methods
Globally shared techniques and technology

Global renewable energy requirements and tech sharing
Local logical implementation, subject to possibilities locally

Global support
Individual responsibility


We are all inter-dimensional

Stand in a bar and order a beer. Take three sips, ask where the sink is, and proceed to pour the beer down the sink. While looking the bartender in the eye; say nothing, smile politely, then walk out.

You have entered a new dimension.

Anytime you take action away from the normal habitual patterns we all fall in to; through perceptions, expectations, and generations of continued (seemingly accepted) repetitive behaviour. You literally open a new dimension for humanity.

Carefully design the dimension for humanity, inside the smallest of momentary actions.


360 degree-3D thinking

I have been using my brain differently recently with some quite cool outcomes.

Next time you have a complex problem try this out, if you like, I have attempted to describe the process as best I can:

360 degree, 3d thinking.

Label each part of a complex problem/idea you wish to observe or expand, and spend time identifying labels to subjects that are part of the issue. E.g. A square or the colour purple could represent a part of the dilemma. I.e the speed of light could be a square and I will train my mind to recognise ‘square’ with the subject of the speed of light.

Once you have all the parts of the “problem/idea” labeled in your brain and you can identify easily and instantly all shapes to each part of the problem…….

Imagine yourself as a tiny ball of all seeing light. Smaller than anything that exists in the universe, and can see in all directions (360 degrees) all around, all at once.

Now sit as the observer (tiny point of all seeing light) inside a central location within your brain and throw all the shapes/colours around you in 360 degrees, so all aspects of the “problem/idea” are visible and recognised instantly.

Like a 3D spider diagram inside your brain. But become the centre. I’ve been working out a lot of things, a lot quicker this way recently. Its like Einstein style brain flash ideas over trivial things I previously thought of as problems.

I think the tendency in my brain, (and likely others too); is to have a problem or an idea and have my whole brain follow each part of the problem in a kind of one direction 2 dimensional squiggled path of confusion.

Applying this 360-3D concept allows me to have peace more easily as I separate myself from the problem. I begin to solve “problems” looking at all aspects at once. Concepts I never even thought connected present themselves. And the answer is like a flash.

Should you wish to expand on this; each shape that you identify with as a subject/part of a problem, can be stepped inside and expanded in the same way. Virtually inside the mind stepping in and out of shapes as a ball of all seeing tiny light. Returning to a central observation platform within the brain to observe the idea as a whole.

I have been enjoying this in my own way through my own understandings of reality, which are limited compared to scientists attempting to understand different areas of science that seem to be connected.

I would like to share this concept in order to encourage new understandings of our reality, and to challenge minds greater than my own.

I believe humanity have all the answers we need, the time has come to collaborate and understand unanimously. If we could all, as a minimum standard of intelligence, help each other reach the same level of understanding as the greatest mind from the previous generation. We would start an unstoppable human advancement, so quick and crazy, the world would change inside a moment.

Although each subject requires the observer to devote so much time that it can seem there is not enough within their lives to understand it through a whole perspective. However Approaching the search for new ideas like this, and promoting a freely connected open form of communication (already being established through the internet) will help push us forward more rapidly, and allow the individual to understand from a complete perspective through open communication and connection channels.

Please feel free to share and edit this concept openly.

Peace, love and science


Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Governments and all the people should be doing this right now. With this “checking yourself” there will be a lot of “negative” stuff that comes up.

If we want to build a future based on peace, truth, and equality; we are going to need to allow these “negatives” (things that happened for complex reasons) to rise. And those it has risen through, should allow it to rise in others. In governments, organisations, and all individuals on earth.

Accept, help, and encourage all humanity to rise above the issues.


Change protest to a creatist

Went to my second “protest/awareness movement” The other week, It was good, some good vibes, however the police had to stop us, as our plan was to cycle up an open highway.

We are raising awareness for the local community, and the road company itself (ATMB) which gather more than 40 million euros profit for toll charges through the tunnel du Mont Blanc. In the original creation of this road, the company left no accessible way for people to cycle between two of the villages in the valley.

The campaign “Inspire Mont Blanc” recognises there is a route round, however it is unsafe for family and relaxed style riding. The approximate cost to put in place a safe route would cost around €1 million euros. Expensive, however a small dent in the road companies profits.

The police blocked our path to the motorway. Quite rightly so; as it is a fast road with Ferraris from Geneva and trucks transporting goods from all over Europe, through mont-Blanc.

It might not seem like the protest was successful, however grabbing images, video, and a few words is all that is required for an increase in local awareness.

The experience got me thinking about some of the bigger issues we have across the globe: Protests with emotionally strung issues, seem to delve into violence occasionally. Either the responsibility of the controlling force, or the protestors themselves.

Not being permitted to complete the mission got me thinking; first of all to do something different, to cause a menace, maybe to take advantage of a couple of loopholes in the law to prevent my arrest? As I thought about this I imagined what it would be like at a much larger demonstration, where protesters might start to deviate from their plan, while feeling like the controlling elite are foiling their every move.

The police are locals just like us. And their concerns are for safety as well as following orders. They are actually here to protect us, and if you look at some of the facial expressions you may see a held back sneaky smile. They must maintain composure even when in support of the movement, which takes discipline.

The police have absolutely nothing to do with the cause we are protesting for. If I put myself in the shoes of the police in situations like this; I see people shouting at me for things I don’t have any control over, (or even throwing petrol bombs) I may start out calm, however as the situation escalates naturally, I may find a will to retaliate.

Now lets step completely out of the box here, there is no box:

During the course of a protest movement, you will have a certain number of humans available with their energy willing to be devoted to a good cause. A protest although good for publicity, is lazy. Most of the protests call for someone else to change the law, someone else to do the work, and someone else to pay for it. This is what is expensive, and it has a huge anti-climax to the process which frustrates all involved.

Lets change the concept we created ourselves (through generations) over how a “protest” is defined?

I would like to suggest that we work with the people we feel oppose us. Instead of standing on a picket line and stop everything, let’s get super professional, super organised, super creative, and just do what needs to be done.

People need a safe cycle path in the Chamonix valley, I offer here my labour and services to help put in place a cycle path, free of charge. I ask the road company to help provide professional assistance and materials.

People need homes, food, healthcare and education. We are the professionals in these areas, so lets switch that energy from standing around with a sign increasing awareness, to creating the very things we are asking for. With our governments, with the police, in the community, and the planet as a whole.

How many man hours have been devoted to protesting? How many does it take to design the changes and implement them ourselves? Surely it makes sense? What do you think?



A call for responsibility

We can see that we haven’t been responsible from a social and cultural perspective across the planet; By looking at areas such as technology emerging, waste disposal, and other similar areas.

Across the planet we can be thankful that we have been separated by nations, religions and culture; as we have many different ways of informing ourselves, and implementing a wide variety of different systems. Through our governments we have passed laws, and recommendations (sometimes none at all) to help deal with emerging technology and growing populations waste removal and resource allocation.

From an outside global perspective (alien) this a process of insanity, where it may seem we don’t know what we are doing, and all our systems are fucking up. I believe the time has come to look at ALL social and cultural areas to find model’s with best practice that we can implement globally.

We should make the process natural, logical, and comfortable. If we can add enjoyment and allow people freedom to be right, and wrong. While encouraging all to find better and better solutions, without affecting anyone’s ego; Maybe we can all design a sufficient system by which each human can exist sustainably and peacefully on this one planet. Ready to colonize others with an effective planetary method, and in a position where we can help other civilizations emerge in a similarly sustainable way.

Right now, we do not deserve to explore the stars. Until we can deal with our own methods of civilization, we should remain here on this planet and learn our own lessons from ourselves.


Who is “I”?

Physicality itself which we observe as “the universe” is 13.5 billion years old. From the biggest scale to the smallest, and it came from infinite non-physical timeless nothingness (non-physical).

The very base of our universe inside a human (or any other body of physicality); the electrons are 13.5 billion years old from what we have as combined accepted theories. The very edge of our observable universe emits information at the speed of light, a period of time we can observe as 13.5 billion years ago. Carbon dating (or some other method of determining the age of something physical) must eventually take us to this date as well??

Beyond both of these scales (the small and the big) the same pattern of information exists; timelessness.

Beyond that which we can observe in both directions (macro to micro) can be perceived as a space of timeless infinity. (Spooky behaviour at a distance).

We can shift our attention to our entire body, one finger, a toe, our brain, or with enough attention a single atom, a star, or even all these concepts at once. Yet when we shift our attention to the timeless infinity, we…….

When you truly understand that you (the “I”) cannot be identified with anything physical, therefore logically the “i” must be non-physical, so if the source of our being is non-physical; it exists outside of what we perceive as physicality. Which means you (or non physicalness) is somehow connected to this physicality we have confused the essence of ourselves with.

When you identify with physicality as the “I” the connection is disturbed, but it is not gone, as you (the “I”) are still here. Simply confused.

When we place our attention on physicality we create time. Time is only 13.5 billion years old. In order to comprehend the entirety of existence and non-existence, one must account for timeless infinity.

This timeless infinity exists around every electron in the universe, and around our entire universe that we can observe. So it is literally with you and me, and I now. The information both in electrons and the observable universe displays patterns, there is information.

This information is actually perceivable right here and now, as atoms and electrons make up that which you have deeply thought of as yourself. The source of who you are is not permanently attached to physicality (physicality dies), yet non-physicality displays the power to become deeply connected with physicality.

Therefore with enough momentary attention; you and “I” could actually access a single atom, electron, star, galaxy, observable universe, and even the timeless realm itself, where information logically becomes infinite and timeless.


You already connect your non-physicality with trillion upon trillions of electrons. Existing in multiple dimensions and different points in space at the same time. Which can be observed as patterns/information from the realm of timeless infinity something like the behaviours we see in quantum physics????


What are you afraid of?

Fear exists within everyone.

We are all one, separated, having infinitely similar, and different experiences.

Everyone’s fears are similar and differ dependent on life experiences and their permitted affect on the individual.

For me I see fear as a level within my consciousness which I must go through, not stop before and hide in a continued, circulative state of fear.

My fears are different from yours, but I have similarities in the way I can deal with them.

Many can be afraid of heights, and will continue to be so if they decide to avoid the edge of high points. Safety is an obvious concern and life should be protected from unnecessary accidents. However to go “through” this fear you could tackle it safely by climbing with an instructor, on a rope, with a helmet, on an easy route; after some clear instruction, and focusing your attention on the moment.

After one route you will feel the effects of going “through” what we commonly perceive as the process of fear.

I teach snowboarding and I see the effects of fear at different levels within the sport. It varies dependent on the level and experience of the rider, yet the effects are the same:

The mind begins to imagine things that could, have, and might happen. When the mind does this, it is much more difficult to send a clear message through the nervous system to the body parts in the moment, to make necessary movement.

The body can start to shake in response to this process, making the imaginations of disaster come true. Thus begins a cycle of fear.

Choosing your level (where safety has been considered), and focusing the mind on the moment within the activity, brings with it the possibility to achieve your goals smoothly.

Your nervous system has a clear path for information to flow between the body and mind inside the moment.

Even the smallest fear (like farting at a dinner party) can be dealt with in a way that suits you.

Activley search within yourself, and face ALL your fear’s. In your own time, and in your own way.

Love and fear.