360 degree-3D thinking

I have been using my brain differently recently with some quite cool outcomes.

Next time you have a complex problem try this out, if you like, I have attempted to describe the process as best I can:

360 degree, 3d thinking.

Label each part of a complex problem/idea you wish to observe or expand, and spend time identifying labels to subjects that are part of the issue. E.g. A square or the colour purple could represent a part of the dilemma. I.e the speed of light could be a square and I will train my mind to recognise ‘square’ with the subject of the speed of light.

Once you have all the parts of the “problem/idea” labeled in your brain and you can identify easily and instantly all shapes to each part of the problem…….

Imagine yourself as a tiny ball of all seeing light. Smaller than anything that exists in the universe, and can see in all directions (360 degrees) all around, all at once.

Now sit as the observer (tiny point of all seeing light) inside a central location within your brain and throw all the shapes/colours around you in 360 degrees, so all aspects of the “problem/idea” are visible and recognised instantly.

Like a 3D spider diagram inside your brain. But become the centre. I’ve been working out a lot of things, a lot quicker this way recently. Its like Einstein style brain flash ideas over trivial things I previously thought of as problems.

I think the tendency in my brain, (and likely others too); is to have a problem or an idea and have my whole brain follow each part of the problem in a kind of one direction 2 dimensional squiggled path of confusion.

Applying this 360-3D concept allows me to have peace more easily as I separate myself from the problem. I begin to solve “problems” looking at all aspects at once. Concepts I never even thought connected present themselves. And the answer is like a flash.

Should you wish to expand on this; each shape that you identify with as a subject/part of a problem, can be stepped inside and expanded in the same way. Virtually inside the mind stepping in and out of shapes as a ball of all seeing tiny light. Returning to a central observation platform within the brain to observe the idea as a whole.

I have been enjoying this in my own way through my own understandings of reality, which are limited compared to scientists attempting to understand different areas of science that seem to be connected.

I would like to share this concept in order to encourage new understandings of our reality, and to challenge minds greater than my own.

I believe humanity have all the answers we need, the time has come to collaborate and understand unanimously. If we could all, as a minimum standard of intelligence, help each other reach the same level of understanding as the greatest mind from the previous generation. We would start an unstoppable human advancement, so quick and crazy, the world would change inside a moment.

Although each subject requires the observer to devote so much time that it can seem there is not enough within their lives to understand it through a whole perspective. However Approaching the search for new ideas like this, and promoting a freely connected open form of communication (already being established through the internet) will help push us forward more rapidly, and allow the individual to understand from a complete perspective through open communication and connection channels.

Please feel free to share and edit this concept openly.

Peace, love and science



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