A call for responsibility

We can see that we haven’t been responsible from a social and cultural perspective across the planet; By looking at areas such as technology emerging, waste disposal, and other similar areas.

Across the planet we can be thankful that we have been separated by nations, religions and culture; as we have many different ways of informing ourselves, and implementing a wide variety of different systems. Through our governments we have passed laws, and recommendations (sometimes none at all) to help deal with emerging technology and growing populations waste removal and resource allocation.

From an outside global perspective (alien) this a process of insanity, where it may seem we don’t know what we are doing, and all our systems are fucking up. I believe the time has come to look at ALL social and cultural areas to find model’s with best practice that we can implement globally.

We should make the process natural, logical, and comfortable. If we can add enjoyment and allow people freedom to be right, and wrong. While encouraging all to find better and better solutions, without affecting anyone’s ego; Maybe we can all design a sufficient system by which each human can exist sustainably and peacefully on this one planet. Ready to colonize others with an effective planetary method, and in a position where we can help other civilizations emerge in a similarly sustainable way.

Right now, we do not deserve to explore the stars. Until we can deal with our own methods of civilization, we should remain here on this planet and learn our own lessons from ourselves.



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