Control vs responsibility

Governments are getting a lot of stick. So are the people. A government is a structure containing people.

Fighting wars (as we see in history and in the news today), isn’t working to establish peace. When you kill someone many are affected, when you kill more; many more are negatively affected.

Taking people’s ideas of reality, their freedom, family, friends, or their work away from them, may piss them off likewise.

In our relationships (professional, social, and personal) when a negative concept of control is presented, we generally tend to resist, deny, or massage the concept in to our controlling nature.

The governments (may seem) to desire control of foreign and domestic people, and to feel like their controls wont be taken away from them. The people want to control the government, the banks want to control everything. And we are all people, being affected by the same process.

If we continue vibrating un-harmoniously between different perceptions of control, we will eventually realise that there will be no end to this mass psychological delusion. Unless we change our perceptions and behaviour In complete accord.

If not now, after all the suffering we have witnessed, will it be easier after more?

This concept of control can only be temporary, we all inevitably die. We have all been right, and wrong. We have all been responsible, and irresponsible. Everyone has been affected by this mass psychological delusion, varying in degree. Many have reflected like with like, the opposite, and lied to distort our perception of reality in our favour.

We have the option to unanimously take responsibility, positive peaceful action, and dissolve perceptions of control. Involve all the people to make peace. Involve the people from all structures and relationships inclusive of those you perceive to control and be controlled by.

Do not control, do not be controlled, take responsibility, positively change behaviours, take peaceful action. Work together. Change the way information is communicated in all relationships; from a perception of control, to a perception of global equal unanimous unity.

peace from the smallest to the biggest social structures within our reality.

We, ALL the people.



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