Dirty energy

Dear significant person

Companies want to look after their interests, make profit and protect their organisation. The bigger the organisation the bigger the need to protect.

I can understand why oil companies would want to promote bad science and press towards the public in regard to climate issues. In order to protect the companies interest.

We obviously have a large issue with energy, and continuing to burn fossil fuels will continually harm our planet. So it is in the interest of us all to protect the climate.

I also understand that we may need to continue using fossil fuels through a change to renewables.

However there is a lot of human energy being spent on holding on to this old dirty system, when we could simply channel that human energy in to solving the crisis.

If the public are aware clearly of the issues involved and the steps we need to accept along the way, you may find a lot of public and even voluntary support to help fix the situation.

So I ask you who reads this, will you help lead a positive change for humanity and clear up our energy production methods?






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