Everybody doesn’t say…..

We say its all good, when it doesn’t feel that way, when we need help.

We all have things we see as “problems” which we rarely share with others. When you start to share, you start to see that we all have similar issues. By communicating with each other and discussing our “issues” we find new ways of looking at them, accepting, or changing them positively.

A common issue we all have is understanding each other. Especially in close relationships. We find it difficult to discuss some of the smaller issues we feel we have with our lovers. When we begin to discuss these issues with others, we see similarities.

In the relationship I have with my lover it seems that there is a difference in the way we both perceive events that happen around us. My partner is very much a “feeler” and has most of her thoughts concerned abut how she will “feel” about a given situation. And she will change her mind to something completely different (from my perspective “irrational”) to adjust the way she thinks she might feel about it.

This can go against my thought based logical approach which seems from my partners perspective to lack feeling and emotion.

Each relationship will be different, you may be on the same page, I.e. both feelers, both thinkers etc. You could be the opposite from what I describe here. However I personally believe that the reason for our relationships is to learn from each other, to see ourselves, and to begin to align our thinking and feeling within our reality, in order to better understand ourselves, each other, and the universe.

Confusion arrives when verbal communication is out of line with truth from the individual.

When our actions meet the words we say, comprehensive communication is possible.

The master key to end the suffering of humanity, is in every single persons seeming hour of darkness. The courage to inject love in to yourself and those in your reality within these moments of darkness will bring great change inside and outside.



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