Expansive universe

The expansion of the universe is happening faster than speed of light

When our universe was younger, the amount we could see out of our sphere would have been less.

The observable universe can only ever be the amount of lightyears since the point of creation.

Hence the bubble that we now see is 13 billion light years across.

With the knowledge of its current size, if we where to go back in time we would observe a smaller “observable universe”.

If we draw a diagram with our current observable universe bubble size with all its bits that we can observe on the diagram. Then if we draw an earlier time in the universe where our bubble size was smaller and drew the same observable bubbles for all the other star systems in our current observable universe.

We would see some interesting patterns emerge, and it would be interesting to see how long ago it was that we couldn’t see even the edge of other observable bubbles.

With the effect of time and light we can understand this model in the past, and maybe it has some relevance in our future, where we eventually begin to observe the edges of other larger observable bubble universes.

It will only be a matter of time.



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