Free energy?

A lot of effort goes in to energy production.

It actually would be possible to change our thinking; from applying effort into acquiring and burning resources, to simply using whatever energy is naturally available in our immediate space.

The wind blows
Water flows
The sun shines
The moon reflects
The earth spins
Space expands

We already know that solar, wind, wave power is possible, and readily available.

We know that many great minds are working on technologies such as fusion to provide energy for us all.

It’s actually very simple to create devices that provide us with energy. We just need to search online, find out how, and create. Keep creating until you have provided yourself with enough energy. Get help from the great minds exploring alternatives through Facebook groups and the like.

How is energy collected and stored?

A question for you, I’m not an expert and I am hoping to implement my own ideas after I’m done with this book.

We have led ourselves to believe that energy is something that runs out. However it doesn’t. Energy is always there, it simply converts to another form of energy. 4 billion years ago after enough noble gases had clumped together our star exploded in to existence. Our planet has been spinning since this event. Still going round right now, after 4 billion years.

The universe shows us that energy does not disappear, it converts, and it’s everywhere.

Things grow out of the ground, multiply themselves and feed things running around the earth. Structures create themselves, the land moves, mountains take no human effort to form, and stand for ages.

We can choose to have our organisations and governments work out how to create energy and charge us for it, while we work to pay them to do this. Or we can work to create our own energy and work if we choose.



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