Psychic abilities?

Disclaimer: The following is absolute bullshit, it’s my bullshit, and it is completely fictional. I encourage you to discover and share your own fictional sssssstuff.

Psychic abilities are available to everyone. To perceive them is a process of understanding and much learning.

As simply as I can put it, at this moment, from my own experiences:

To see you must be free; Free of concepts, free from mind, free of fear, worry, stress, anxiety. For these are constrictions to your consciousness. If you pay attention to these moments as they occur you will feel your body and arteries begin to constrict.

If you can bear the courage to stand staring before a moment with dented ego, pride, and in front of your darkest fear, willing but not wishing to die. Then you will see the connection point for this form of communication within you, expanding openly in to the universe. To which we are all connected, by the smallest parts of existence, that everyone is a part of.



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