Social games

Observe needs.

There are many reasons we feel the need to…


During a conversation with multiple friends in say… a bar; notice the silence, watch people’s facial expressions. Observe the need to speak.

We will talk so much to avoid silent moments in a group. We resort to talking about illusions and judgments held in regard to each other. In a world of different opinions this type of conversation can become quite confusing.

From my own observations I see people with worried facial expressions as the moment of silence draws near, followed by continued unnecessary and infinite repetitive loops of futile conversation.

When we start to divert from truth in our conversations, all involved within the communication begin imagining their own reality. Communicating with each other based on many things that aren’t real. Escalating to arguments over each others versions of their own illusions.

I’m purposefully making this seem more dark than it is; most of the time you will find polite laughs, luke warm smiles, and accepted ignorance over repetitive loops of infinity.

However if I can be so bold as to suggest some slightly different social games;

Can we become comfortable in silence? They managed it in pulp fiction, why can’t we in our less Hollywood lifestyles imagine the same concept for ourselves?

Can we practice speaking only truth? The lies we speak aren’t even heard properly and take a great deal of mental effort to remember who understands the different depths of each of our lies. Can we remain silent if we have no truth to speak?

Crazy I know but could we practice sitting in silence, simply sending good vibes to our group of friends without saying a word?



2 thoughts on “Social games

    1. No worries, and thank you. It’s a funny subject we find hard to discuss for some reason? however we all see this behaviour in ourselves and those around us, so it’s not that far out.

      We are designing our culture as we go, I’d say just like the tv’s and phones these days; its time to get “smart”. Why not open it up for discussion? I’m starting to with more of my close friends etc. the discussion is often welcomed and much more interesting than chatting random, repetitive, or judgmental shit.

      You might be surprised at how many others in your reality enjoy conversing this way also.

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