The pursuit of enlightenment

To pursue real and ever lasting enlightenment is a noble endeavor. From my own perspective, at this moment (which I encourage you to ignore); to become enlightened is to remain inside the moment, to understand the difference between reality and illusion, and to live permanently inside truth.

If this is the case we must look at the truth to discover reasons that might prevent enlightened sight.

The truth has both seeming light and darkness contained within. Both are part of the truth, to see perceived light and darkness in any given situation is but the start of our own judgments, about categorising events. For ourself.

A habitual response I often observe in myself upon judging a situation of darkness is a willingness to avoid, to look away, to resist. However the moment I choose to judge the event as dark is the moment my mind creates a universe of illusion.

Continuing to observe a moment perceived as dark, I start to see why it has become, and allowed to rise through lack of attention, and dark illusions.

It’s simple, and through courageous attention I start to see.



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