What are you afraid of?

Fear exists within everyone.

We are all one, separated, having infinitely similar, and different experiences.

Everyone’s fears are similar and differ dependent on life experiences and their permitted affect on the individual.

For me I see fear as a level within my consciousness which I must go through, not stop before and hide in a continued, circulative state of fear.

My fears are different from yours, but I have similarities in the way I can deal with them.

Many can be afraid of heights, and will continue to be so if they decide to avoid the edge of high points. Safety is an obvious concern and life should be protected from unnecessary accidents. However to go “through” this fear you could tackle it safely by climbing with an instructor, on a rope, with a helmet, on an easy route; after some clear instruction, and focusing your attention on the moment.

After one route you will feel the effects of going “through” what we commonly perceive as the process of fear.

I teach snowboarding and I see the effects of fear at different levels within the sport. It varies dependent on the level and experience of the rider, yet the effects are the same:

The mind begins to imagine things that could, have, and might happen. When the mind does this, it is much more difficult to send a clear message through the nervous system to the body parts in the moment, to make necessary movement.

The body can start to shake in response to this process, making the imaginations of disaster come true. Thus begins a cycle of fear.

Choosing your level (where safety has been considered), and focusing the mind on the moment within the activity, brings with it the possibility to achieve your goals smoothly.

Your nervous system has a clear path for information to flow between the body and mind inside the moment.

Even the smallest fear (like farting at a dinner party) can be dealt with in a way that suits you.

Activley search within yourself, and face ALL your fear’s. In your own time, and in your own way.

Love and fear.



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