Who is “I”?

Physicality itself which we observe as “the universe” is 13.5 billion years old. From the biggest scale to the smallest, and it came from infinite non-physical timeless nothingness (non-physical).

The very base of our universe inside a human (or any other body of physicality); the electrons are 13.5 billion years old from what we have as combined accepted theories. The very edge of our observable universe emits information at the speed of light, a period of time we can observe as 13.5 billion years ago. Carbon dating (or some other method of determining the age of something physical) must eventually take us to this date as well??

Beyond both of these scales (the small and the big) the same pattern of information exists; timelessness.

Beyond that which we can observe in both directions (macro to micro) can be perceived as a space of timeless infinity. (Spooky behaviour at a distance).

We can shift our attention to our entire body, one finger, a toe, our brain, or with enough attention a single atom, a star, or even all these concepts at once. Yet when we shift our attention to the timeless infinity, we…….

When you truly understand that you (the “I”) cannot be identified with anything physical, therefore logically the “i” must be non-physical, so if the source of our being is non-physical; it exists outside of what we perceive as physicality. Which means you (or non physicalness) is somehow connected to this physicality we have confused the essence of ourselves with.

When you identify with physicality as the “I” the connection is disturbed, but it is not gone, as you (the “I”) are still here. Simply confused.

When we place our attention on physicality we create time. Time is only 13.5 billion years old. In order to comprehend the entirety of existence and non-existence, one must account for timeless infinity.

This timeless infinity exists around every electron in the universe, and around our entire universe that we can observe. So it is literally with you and me, and I now. The information both in electrons and the observable universe displays patterns, there is information.

This information is actually perceivable right here and now, as atoms and electrons make up that which you have deeply thought of as yourself. The source of who you are is not permanently attached to physicality (physicality dies), yet non-physicality displays the power to become deeply connected with physicality.

Therefore with enough momentary attention; you and “I” could actually access a single atom, electron, star, galaxy, observable universe, and even the timeless realm itself, where information logically becomes infinite and timeless.


You already connect your non-physicality with trillion upon trillions of electrons. Existing in multiple dimensions and different points in space at the same time. Which can be observed as patterns/information from the realm of timeless infinity something like the behaviours we see in quantum physics????



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