Infinite information

Take a potato, it grows out of the ground. You see that after leaving it alone for some time it starts to sprout.

If you dissect a potato before this moment of creation you will see that it is all potato, no sign of flower or seed. Yet eventually from nowhere information and motivation leads it to create structures that enable life to replicate and continue through itself.

The information came from DNA, and with energy already stored in the potato it created something through the tiniest part of itself.

This is a miracle.

What can we learn from a potato?

Large amounts of information for creation come from microscopic strands of DNA. Mutation, cross pollination, and years of evolution eventually create 1000’s of different types of potato. All created from information contained within the smallest part of the individual potato.

We search for answers out “there” and here on the Internet, yet we see real proof all around us that we don’t actually need to do anything, and when our attention draws to the smallest part of ourselves infinite information becomes visible.




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