Bright side

Looking at some of the conspiracies it can seem like we are in the shit, have been in the shit, and gonna be a while till we are out of the shit. Maybe we are not moving in to a big brother global slavery state? Maybe that is what has been, and has become widely visible through the power of the internet.

Left unchecked this behaviour pattern could become a much more negative influence on humanity.

However…. less jobs, and less money is probably a good thing right now; As it will motivate us after years of jobless boredom to find the will to change and create. While having less money brings us closer to embracing the concept of letting it go all together.

Maybe we are becoming ready for a change. Like this…… It’s messy, it’s terrible, it’s unnatural, is beautiful, it’s disgusting, it’s awesome, it’s crazy, it’s cool, it’s love, it’s perfect.

It’s real.



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