Just be you

We have these needs, these endless desires to keep doing “something”?

To have a cup of tea
To party
To work
To play
To experience
To picking up the newspaper
To watching tv
To listen to music
To interact in social media
To get somewhere
To read
To look at something
To converse
To have sex
To take drugs
To drink
To pea
To meditate
To read this

The list goes on, but there is always an internal list. Even here, now; I am satisfying my need to write, as you do to read.

Maybe need is the wrong word? These are things that we all habitually do. When we find ourselves in a position where we aren’t partaking in one of our habits, we become uncomfortable, itchy, and aware of others observing us approach nothing. We quickly search for the next “thing”.

What is this “thing”? Why can’t we be comfortable as we are, wherever we are? We might ponder this question and begin to think that maybe, just maybe…. our smart phone has the answer?

If we are to live in a world of infinitely increasing awesome distractions, it might be a good idea to observer our behaviour and levels of comfort as moments of nothing draw near.



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