The psychology of infinity

Really try to grasp a concept of infinity for one moment here:

Every thing and non-thing that you can imagine, beyond even your imagination. Infinity is all happens, all is.

It’s hard to grasp fully, but surely infinity is real? How could there be an end? What’s outside the end?

If we can imagine outside the universe, then it must exist, as the concept of infinity should be beyond our imagination. If we imagine there is other dimensions, surely they exist? Even beyond what we imagine as the number of “possible” universes, we still don’t get close to understanding the nature of even “this” expression of infinity.

Infinity can drive us mad, as we are looking for an end. Infinity is infinity, not even the word or the thought pattern it fires within the human brain, can begin to comprehend what this is. But surely it is?

We have built religions, political ideas, and beliefs over parts of infinity. We argue, disagree and even kill over each others beliefs about their understanding over single parts of this infinity.

However infinity is infinity, all that is, is.



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