Thoughts of energy frequency and vibration

Maybe it is the combination of these three factors that is responsible for bringing our (and all) consciousness in to form?

While experiencing the way we do as a “one” we have infinite parts, but we are not “one” of them. Our consciousness at deep levels of letting go of form chooses to attach itself to parts for it to identify itself with; such as an energy, a frequency, or a vibration. But the source (which we are?) is beyond all “that”.

The source can be seen as infinite. As such this could be disorientating to experience. All frequencies, all energy, all vibrations existing timelessly at once. We are not one of these factors, but all of them.

Different dimensions exist, and they are infinite, which make up source. We are travelling through different dimensions continuously, only choosing to remember a small amount of each part, to handle the process psychologically. To experience infinity before we are ready, has been proven to send lifeforms to the gates of sanity.

Have patience, when we are ready to experience the infinite; allow, and let go of all.

Remember that we are consciousness.



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