Gravity fusion

First off, lets chat SMPFR (super massive plasma fusion reactors). As a thought experiment assume our population expands beyond our worst fears. Say there is, I don’t know… 60 billion (hypothetically speaking of course) humans living on planet earth. Now imagine every single one of them uses a million times more energy than the most energy consuming person alive on the planet today; That would be a lot of energy demand! how many fusion reactors would we need to meet this imaginary demand?

Lets say we create just one….. how big would it need to be to supply enough fusion power for this hypothetical crowded planet? What energy output would this one reactor need to achieve?

How far away from this super fusion reactor would we need to be, in order for us to extract energy safely without risk to human civilisation?

How much energy does the sun output?

How does wireless charging work?

How do we tap energy from fusion happening in the lab?

My apologies for the misleading title, it was to attract the attention of questioning minds.



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