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Carefully questioning with others may lead all to experience inner questioning

Mindlessly telling others may lead all experiences to be questioned



What if (Part 2)

What if our only problem has been our lack of awareness?

What if we can forgive the mistakes of our past, less aware selves that allowed or manipulated this lack of awareness?

What if all we need to do is to become aware and create what we wish, without resistance?

What if all we decide to create is supported by those we “imagine” will stop us?

What if we are only awakening from an illusion that we created together?

What if we can change the world?

What if we can create world peace?

What if we are all one?


Unified creative revolution

All over the world people are standing up for their rights, demanding fair treatment, equality, and freedom.

There are a number of differences in the way these protests are playing out across the planet. Both in the way they are initiated and responded to.

Some of these protests quickly escalate towards riots, wars, and as a consequence there have been many deaths.

Is it worth it? Is it right? How else can the goal be achieved?

The goal I assume is to have peace, equality, and freedom. Nationwide and internationally. For all.

The earth thankfully still produces a lot of water, air, food, space, building materials, metals, crystals, and other minerals for creating technology, and aiding our existence.

These materials are available to everyone that lives on this planet. The materials we require are many, and are spread across the globe.

For us to function as a prosperous and possibly advanced civilisation; at some point we should share all these resources, and help contribute to sharing these resources across the globe.

If we don’t need the money, and the resources are actually what we need; our attention will shift from protesting lack of money and freedom, to simply working together in order to extract and use these resources for the good of all. Sustainably.

There is a lot of human energy focused on protest, on the fight, on civil war. However what do you want?

Murder, death, misery and suffering, followed by retaliation?

Or could we just start creating the world we want and need?

Someone need a house? Construction workers, architects, etc get together, gather the materials and build homes. Too much to handle? Delegate/teach.

Someone need some food? Gardeners, and green fingers unite! Create gardens for everyone! Teach and spread the word.

Need energy? Engineers, scientists, solar panels, wind farms, gather locally and create!

All the services, intelligence, and things we need are already here. The skills are already amongst the people (and you tube).

If we want a global revolution it must be different from any other before it; as every single one that has ever existed, has never achieved the ultimate goal. So why copy?

If millions can be organised to protest; imagine how much could be solved when we decide to shift our attention towards unified creation?

We can change to a peaceful resolution by thanking our leaders and governments for how they have helped us to advance to a point of wilful positive change.

If 98% of the world wishes this course of action, it will be done.


Reality and fear

Fear is an imagination and prevents us from experiencing and dealing with reality as it is.

I have been thankful to experience a number of fearful scenarios in my life, and have enjoyed exploring how fear affects who I believe I am.

Every time I have felt fear and investigated the precise point of its birth within me, I can observe that it has nothing to do with the moment. Each time I have entered a scenario where my life is at risk, it is before the event occurs that I feel fear.

During the moment where the event occurs, where I would assume only fear to be present; I find that I am focused, time slows down, adrenaline rises, I feel no pain, and I become the situation; the moment which I am.

Even in a moment where I injure myself, or have faced the concept of my early but inevitable death; I only find peace, no fear, no pain. It seems from my own experiences we are actually naturally physiologically and psychologically prepared for death. As we are for birth.

Don’t fear the end, in the moment it becomes real, it will be beautiful.


The ignorance of death

What does it all mean? Why are we here? Who are we? What is reality? This and many more questions arise within me after witnessing the death of a tiny dog called sparkle.

When someone dies we ask questions like; why?, If only I….., I wish I had……

Why do these mental loops play in our minds? Is there something we are missing? We know these questions are futile, and no matter what; the event occurred, death arrived. The thousand things that brought the event to occur can not be changed.

If one of these things didn’t happen, maybe death would have been avoided for a while, however it’s occurrence is inevitable for us all.

In every moment; we are alive, and death will come.

The lesson of life is short, it’s precious, and I thank a tiny dog called sparkle who’s short life taught me to appreciate every moment of this life, while accepting the real inevitability of all our death’s.


How do we create universal peace and equality?

If we are to embrace this concept fully, surely it must be applied to every human through non-violent means?

We see the effects of fighting for peace across the planet. If “we the people” decide that violence is a course of action we should take against other people contained within organisations and governments to create peace, surely we would observe similar results?

Are we ready for peace, and equality? How would we feel about allowing even those we consider “evil” to live in peace and equality with us?

What is freedom? I can choose to live in a system with money, work, tax etc and still do everything I want. I can choose to live in my own system “be the change I wish to see in the world” and all that, live off the land, produce my own energy, deal with my own waste, etc.

What do we the people want? What do our organisations want? What do our governments want?

Freedom of movement?
clean water?
Descent shelter?

Surely this goes for the people serving inside governments and organisations as it goes for “we the people”. No one is going to live forever, so no one can lead and have power forever. It may be something that our ego sometimes desires, but it can never have a lasting effect on all of humanity.

If we choose to free our ego, and observe our own behaviour, we might forgive those we feel are controlling us. We might see that we are and we’re always free. We may realise that it’s all an illusion and our seeming lack of freedom is simply one part of this illusion; based on fears which we have psychologically attached ourselves to and allowed each other to be manipulated by, for generations.

What do you want?

What is real?

Who are you?

What is stopping you?


Fracking for peace

There are many issues across the globe, and fracking is but the tip of a bigger problem that is much more complex than to hope it will be solved with protest alone.

We have an energy issue, it’s been going on since we mindlessly put money before the health of ourselves and our planet. We rushed in to creating energy systems the way they are now, rather than explore the consequences and alternatives fully.

Our population exploded with unequal wealth distribution. However we could be thankful for this inequality in wealth we see today; as if it where equal, we would have a much bigger energy crisis in our hands now.

We hear a lot of free energy devices, equations, and experiments on the Internet. If some of these are true, and they can work, then it would be beneficial to investigate “with” members of authority.

Is there enough minds and hands working on alternative energies?

Money is the reason we have these systems the way they are, and money is the reason we all won’t get up and volunteer our minds and hands to solve this crisis.

Soooo protesting….. Doesn’t seem to be working that well at the moment. Police are trained in moving large groups and understand the psychology of humans to make it happen. Maybe it’s time for a change in tactic?

Instead of a protest movement, lets call it a creation and learning movement?

Ask officials in your communities what they think of all this. Sit down, talk, explain if its not known. Discuss all the issues, the ones you agree with, and the ones you do not.

If we are giving our time voluntarily to protest, and the police are being paid to stop us, then why not actually just spend that time sitting down actually discussing measures that could be taken to help create a solution rather than continue to point out a problem.


Drones or peace?

We could imagine from the governments point of view that drones are just the same as the fighter jet aircraft systems deployed across the planet for decades. Only it costs the tax payer less.

From this perspective we could assume that they feel like they have been doing the right thing by “their” people; doing the job better, with less casualties, for less money; securing future national interests, and preventing counter strikes.

They are doing a good job. Think about all the people behind that technology, the funding, and the jobs it created. Along with increases in human intelligence.

As intelligence has the increasing potential to rise amongst us all (special thanks to the Internet) we start to see how negative some of our actions have been, and are now.

There is no governments and people, there is only people. At some stage we will need to work as “all the people” to achieve peace, equality and freedom. If not now, when? How?

Killing is not cool, and we have a lot of loose ends to tie up if we want to stop. We need to come up with solutions that work, and we are going to need to work to change and adapt with new systems as they emerge.

When the chance at world peace arrives we will first have to forgive each other. We can’t have peace by fighting our authority, as there are people contained within that authority. There can be no separation, and we will need to initially accept this seemingly fearful first part if we are to hope to begin a process of establishing world peace.

If we can take the time to really contemplate the depths of our complex interconnected global system we have now; We might notice that there are reasons for everything.



How has mass surveillance negatively affected you?

What I got away with when I was at school, you couldn’t get away with now. Partially because we abused any gaps in the system, which inevitably helped our elders (at the time) develop better systems of control, that prevents the possibility for stepping out of line now.

Imagining the psychology of this issue I can understand how people leaving school today will feel more frustrated and controlled than I did leaving in 1998. I can see how this might lead a more organised movement toward world peace, or slavery.

Mass surveillance seemingly puts us in a position where we can’t break the law, we can’t bend the rules, and we can’t make mistakes. Imagine a situation where you begin to insanely approach the idea of murdering a person; Under mass surveillance it will be much less likely that you would see this measure through. It would be more likely for the individual to stand up, speak truth, and seek help.

There is a lot of opinion on this subject, and mostly it is directed negatively towards this type of systems existence. People naturally don’t want to have people look at their thoughts, their private communications, and their every move. However why don’t we? Is what we are doing felt to be wrong?

If we are continuing to do something we feel has negative consequence to ourselves or others. Directly or indirectly; why do we continue to do it? Why do we not help ourselves and each other?

If what we are doing is considered to be wrong, but most of us feel it is right; then what is right, and what is wrong?

If a system like mass surveillance puts us in a position where we are forced to confront things we think of as wrong; rather than continue insanely down a negative and repetitive path of destruction, then is this really a bad thing?

I’m asking these question’s from a truly neutral position. I have no attachment to any organisation, and do not support anything. I ask these questions, as they aren’t being asked, they are controversial and I enjoy witnessing humanities expression.

What are the negative effects of this mass surveillance?

What are the positive effects?

There may be a lot of things wrong with our governments and organisations, but we also see issues within ourselves, and if psychic powers become real for everyone; the surveillance we see now covers but a fraction of the truth that will be surveilled in the future.

We must ask the questions…. Why? Why is this the way it is?

If our behaviour is being tested; we “must” be the change we wish to see in this world


Conversing as one

We see here, and elsewhere on the Internet a lot of opinions, arguments, and methods of poor communication.

If we are to advance our understanding and learn together, it would be beneficial for us to learn how to communicate with each other more effectively. As if we are one, perhaps?

Opening ourselves up to understanding: communicating in a way similar to ‘this’ where words such as “we” are used in place of “you”. Or where a question is asked, rather than an opinion put forth.

Accepting that our opinion might not be correct, while we share our posts from a position where we are open to learn “with” those commenting on our opinions.

Communicating like this could bring us before the gates of understanding, and towards universal enlightenment.


Why do we lie?

Lies distract attention from reality. When we lie, are we trying to make ourselves seem better? Have less faults?

What’s going on? Why do we need to talk and explain complex illusions to cover up our realities?

A lot of the lies we tell are so small and insignificant, they barely matter to the person we tell them to.

Instead; next time we feel an urge to lie, pause… Why are we unhappy with reality as it is? Is there a fear that prevents us from discussing what actually happens? Could we use our advanced imagination systems to discuss reality in a positive light?

If we all lie about similar things, for similar reasons, then discussing them openly should come as a relief in our conversations. As opposed to shock and awe we imagine the reaction to be.


Advancing communication

Communicating with one another sometimes leads to confusion, disagreement, argument and even death.

When our conversations fail we often blame each other as they begin to break down. Remembering half points and twisting tone in front of each other.

When our attention moves from listening to someone we are conversing with; to our disagreement with an opinion raised, we begin to focus our attention on a counter-strike.

As the mind begins to focus its attention on something other than the moment, understanding each other becomes more difficult.

The mind is capable of imagining a universe. Left un-checked imagination can quickly spiral out of control away from events and conversations that are happening inside the moment. In reality.

Appropriately using our imagination together with our normally distracting smart phones, could help us understand each other more enjoyably.

When we let go of our “point” we are able to focus attention on reality, as it happens.


What if?

What if the conspiracy theories are true?

What if there is a reason?

What if it really is for the greater good?

What if peace really does start within ourselves?

What if the very nature of our individual behaviour and thoughts need to change?

What if technologies and energy are so powerful and easy, that everyone can actually have unimaginable tools of creation and destruction?

What if all that’s happened, all the atrocities committed by our governments are because of us?

What if all the terrorism is simply to wake us up to the responsibility of peace?

What if the destruction of world economies is to calm the behaviour of consumerism?

What if the destruction of our environment, air, and water is to make us aware of the responsibility to protect it?

What if secrecy is to encourage open communication?

What if a lack of human rights is to promote an understanding toward the value of freedom and kindness?

What if mass surveillance is to observe when we are ready to stand up and take responsibility to create world peace?

What if all our fears are to motivate us to change?

What if we are all one?

What if….