Advancing communication

Communicating with one another sometimes leads to confusion, disagreement, argument and even death.

When our conversations fail we often blame each other as they begin to break down. Remembering half points and twisting tone in front of each other.

When our attention moves from listening to someone we are conversing with; to our disagreement with an opinion raised, we begin to focus our attention on a counter-strike.

As the mind begins to focus its attention on something other than the moment, understanding each other becomes more difficult.

The mind is capable of imagining a universe. Left un-checked imagination can quickly spiral out of control away from events and conversations that are happening inside the moment. In reality.

Appropriately using our imagination together with our normally distracting smart phones, could help us understand each other more enjoyably.

When we let go of our “point” we are able to focus attention on reality, as it happens.



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