What if?

What if the conspiracy theories are true?

What if there is a reason?

What if it really is for the greater good?

What if peace really does start within ourselves?

What if the very nature of our individual behaviour and thoughts need to change?

What if technologies and energy are so powerful and easy, that everyone can actually have unimaginable tools of creation and destruction?

What if all that’s happened, all the atrocities committed by our governments are because of us?

What if all the terrorism is simply to wake us up to the responsibility of peace?

What if the destruction of world economies is to calm the behaviour of consumerism?

What if the destruction of our environment, air, and water is to make us aware of the responsibility to protect it?

What if secrecy is to encourage open communication?

What if a lack of human rights is to promote an understanding toward the value of freedom and kindness?

What if mass surveillance is to observe when we are ready to stand up and take responsibility to create world peace?

What if all our fears are to motivate us to change?

What if we are all one?

What if….



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