Drones or peace?

We could imagine from the governments point of view that drones are just the same as the fighter jet aircraft systems deployed across the planet for decades. Only it costs the tax payer less.

From this perspective we could assume that they feel like they have been doing the right thing by “their” people; doing the job better, with less casualties, for less money; securing future national interests, and preventing counter strikes.

They are doing a good job. Think about all the people behind that technology, the funding, and the jobs it created. Along with increases in human intelligence.

As intelligence has the increasing potential to rise amongst us all (special thanks to the Internet) we start to see how negative some of our actions have been, and are now.

There is no governments and people, there is only people. At some stage we will need to work as “all the people” to achieve peace, equality and freedom. If not now, when? How?

Killing is not cool, and we have a lot of loose ends to tie up if we want to stop. We need to come up with solutions that work, and we are going to need to work to change and adapt with new systems as they emerge.

When the chance at world peace arrives we will first have to forgive each other. We can’t have peace by fighting our authority, as there are people contained within that authority. There can be no separation, and we will need to initially accept this seemingly fearful first part if we are to hope to begin a process of establishing world peace.

If we can take the time to really contemplate the depths of our complex interconnected global system we have now; We might notice that there are reasons for everything.




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