How has mass surveillance negatively affected you?

What I got away with when I was at school, you couldn’t get away with now. Partially because we abused any gaps in the system, which inevitably helped our elders (at the time) develop better systems of control, that prevents the possibility for stepping out of line now.

Imagining the psychology of this issue I can understand how people leaving school today will feel more frustrated and controlled than I did leaving in 1998. I can see how this might lead a more organised movement toward world peace, or slavery.

Mass surveillance seemingly puts us in a position where we can’t break the law, we can’t bend the rules, and we can’t make mistakes. Imagine a situation where you begin to insanely approach the idea of murdering a person; Under mass surveillance it will be much less likely that you would see this measure through. It would be more likely for the individual to stand up, speak truth, and seek help.

There is a lot of opinion on this subject, and mostly it is directed negatively towards this type of systems existence. People naturally don’t want to have people look at their thoughts, their private communications, and their every move. However why don’t we? Is what we are doing felt to be wrong?

If we are continuing to do something we feel has negative consequence to ourselves or others. Directly or indirectly; why do we continue to do it? Why do we not help ourselves and each other?

If what we are doing is considered to be wrong, but most of us feel it is right; then what is right, and what is wrong?

If a system like mass surveillance puts us in a position where we are forced to confront things we think of as wrong; rather than continue insanely down a negative and repetitive path of destruction, then is this really a bad thing?

I’m asking these question’s from a truly neutral position. I have no attachment to any organisation, and do not support anything. I ask these questions, as they aren’t being asked, they are controversial and I enjoy witnessing humanities expression.

What are the negative effects of this mass surveillance?

What are the positive effects?

There may be a lot of things wrong with our governments and organisations, but we also see issues within ourselves, and if psychic powers become real for everyone; the surveillance we see now covers but a fraction of the truth that will be surveilled in the future.

We must ask the questions…. Why? Why is this the way it is?

If our behaviour is being tested; we “must” be the change we wish to see in this world



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