Fracking for peace

There are many issues across the globe, and fracking is but the tip of a bigger problem that is much more complex than to hope it will be solved with protest alone.

We have an energy issue, it’s been going on since we mindlessly put money before the health of ourselves and our planet. We rushed in to creating energy systems the way they are now, rather than explore the consequences and alternatives fully.

Our population exploded with unequal wealth distribution. However we could be thankful for this inequality in wealth we see today; as if it where equal, we would have a much bigger energy crisis in our hands now.

We hear a lot of free energy devices, equations, and experiments on the Internet. If some of these are true, and they can work, then it would be beneficial to investigate “with” members of authority.

Is there enough minds and hands working on alternative energies?

Money is the reason we have these systems the way they are, and money is the reason we all won’t get up and volunteer our minds and hands to solve this crisis.

Soooo protesting….. Doesn’t seem to be working that well at the moment. Police are trained in moving large groups and understand the psychology of humans to make it happen. Maybe it’s time for a change in tactic?

Instead of a protest movement, lets call it a creation and learning movement?

Ask officials in your communities what they think of all this. Sit down, talk, explain if its not known. Discuss all the issues, the ones you agree with, and the ones you do not.

If we are giving our time voluntarily to protest, and the police are being paid to stop us, then why not actually just spend that time sitting down actually discussing measures that could be taken to help create a solution rather than continue to point out a problem.



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