How do we create universal peace and equality?

If we are to embrace this concept fully, surely it must be applied to every human through non-violent means?

We see the effects of fighting for peace across the planet. If “we the people” decide that violence is a course of action we should take against other people contained within organisations and governments to create peace, surely we would observe similar results?

Are we ready for peace, and equality? How would we feel about allowing even those we consider “evil” to live in peace and equality with us?

What is freedom? I can choose to live in a system with money, work, tax etc and still do everything I want. I can choose to live in my own system “be the change I wish to see in the world” and all that, live off the land, produce my own energy, deal with my own waste, etc.

What do we the people want? What do our organisations want? What do our governments want?

Freedom of movement?
clean water?
Descent shelter?

Surely this goes for the people serving inside governments and organisations as it goes for “we the people”. No one is going to live forever, so no one can lead and have power forever. It may be something that our ego sometimes desires, but it can never have a lasting effect on all of humanity.

If we choose to free our ego, and observe our own behaviour, we might forgive those we feel are controlling us. We might see that we are and we’re always free. We may realise that it’s all an illusion and our seeming lack of freedom is simply one part of this illusion; based on fears which we have psychologically attached ourselves to and allowed each other to be manipulated by, for generations.

What do you want?

What is real?

Who are you?

What is stopping you?



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