The ignorance of death

What does it all mean? Why are we here? Who are we? What is reality? This and many more questions arise within me after witnessing the death of a tiny dog called sparkle.

When someone dies we ask questions like; why?, If only I….., I wish I had……

Why do these mental loops play in our minds? Is there something we are missing? We know these questions are futile, and no matter what; the event occurred, death arrived. The thousand things that brought the event to occur can not be changed.

If one of these things didn’t happen, maybe death would have been avoided for a while, however it’s occurrence is inevitable for us all.

In every moment; we are alive, and death will come.

The lesson of life is short, it’s precious, and I thank a tiny dog called sparkle who’s short life taught me to appreciate every moment of this life, while accepting the real inevitability of all our death’s.



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