Reality and fear

Fear is an imagination and prevents us from experiencing and dealing with reality as it is.

I have been thankful to experience a number of fearful scenarios in my life, and have enjoyed exploring how fear affects who I believe I am.

Every time I have felt fear and investigated the precise point of its birth within me, I can observe that it has nothing to do with the moment. Each time I have entered a scenario where my life is at risk, it is before the event occurs that I feel fear.

During the moment where the event occurs, where I would assume only fear to be present; I find that I am focused, time slows down, adrenaline rises, I feel no pain, and I become the situation; the moment which I am.

Even in a moment where I injure myself, or have faced the concept of my early but inevitable death; I only find peace, no fear, no pain. It seems from my own experiences we are actually naturally physiologically and psychologically prepared for death. As we are for birth.

Don’t fear the end, in the moment it becomes real, it will be beautiful.



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