Unified creative revolution

All over the world people are standing up for their rights, demanding fair treatment, equality, and freedom.

There are a number of differences in the way these protests are playing out across the planet. Both in the way they are initiated and responded to.

Some of these protests quickly escalate towards riots, wars, and as a consequence there have been many deaths.

Is it worth it? Is it right? How else can the goal be achieved?

The goal I assume is to have peace, equality, and freedom. Nationwide and internationally. For all.

The earth thankfully still produces a lot of water, air, food, space, building materials, metals, crystals, and other minerals for creating technology, and aiding our existence.

These materials are available to everyone that lives on this planet. The materials we require are many, and are spread across the globe.

For us to function as a prosperous and possibly advanced civilisation; at some point we should share all these resources, and help contribute to sharing these resources across the globe.

If we don’t need the money, and the resources are actually what we need; our attention will shift from protesting lack of money and freedom, to simply working together in order to extract and use these resources for the good of all. Sustainably.

There is a lot of human energy focused on protest, on the fight, on civil war. However what do you want?

Murder, death, misery and suffering, followed by retaliation?

Or could we just start creating the world we want and need?

Someone need a house? Construction workers, architects, etc get together, gather the materials and build homes. Too much to handle? Delegate/teach.

Someone need some food? Gardeners, and green fingers unite! Create gardens for everyone! Teach and spread the word.

Need energy? Engineers, scientists, solar panels, wind farms, gather locally and create!

All the services, intelligence, and things we need are already here. The skills are already amongst the people (and you tube).

If we want a global revolution it must be different from any other before it; as every single one that has ever existed, has never achieved the ultimate goal. So why copy?

If millions can be organised to protest; imagine how much could be solved when we decide to shift our attention towards unified creation?

We can change to a peaceful resolution by thanking our leaders and governments for how they have helped us to advance to a point of wilful positive change.

If 98% of the world wishes this course of action, it will be done.



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