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Is this Enlightenment?

Is this Enlightenment?

Is enlightenment like saying; I’m done, I’m the best I can be? The most aware, the most peaceful, logical and wise?

If the everything, is everything, is infinite, then surely enlightenment is never really achieved?

If we look at enlightenment as perfection; We will never get there. To make perfection an obligation is futile, to strive towards it, is the very nature of perfection itself.

Perfectly imperfect, enlightenment in non-enlightenment .


Is it real?

When we are told things like; we aren’t free, police state, mass surveillance, organisations are evil etc… Something happens inside us, we believe it, we fight it, we go crazy.

I might not have enough money to do everything I want, but if I really want it; I know I can find a way. If I want to travel and I don’t have money; I can just walk and hitch hike, and trust in the goodness of others.

If I want to live somewhere else, I can. If I want to live off grid here, there, or anywhere; I can. There might be “laws” saying I can’t; but just like the weed I smoke every day….I still can.

Lacking freedom is an illusion. A mass psychological disorder. No one is in your face telling you; “stay put, work here, don’t do that, do this” and actually have any power over you. Even if you are in jail and reading this; you don’t have to do what your told, you are welcome to resist.

You’re scared, that’s all it is. Chill out, relax, take some deep breaths…. Accept whatever happens, and do whatever you want. You literally are a creator, and you can design your life anywhere, however you want.


Is everything, everything?

Are we all part of the whole of everything?

Is everything, everything?

Is everything god?

Are we pieces of god?

Are we as infinite as god, as everything?

Is infinity, infinite?

Through infinity would boredom emerge?

As “everything” what would be created through infinite boredom?

Would “everything” remember its creation is just a dream, within a dream?

If we are part of everything why do we die and forget?


Milky ocean

Our different strengths support each others different weakness.

To have strength, a side affect will be weakness.

Different strength, different weakness.

Across the globe we have many different strengths, and weaknesses.

As our global civilisation increasingly grows in to a more unified world (thanks to the Internet) we can observe that we have all grown in different environments and conditions. As a consequence different psychological states have emerged to what we see spread across the globe today.

Whether manipulated or natural in communities big and small; We see different psychological traits, from one place to another.

We see different things happen when different mixes of psychological states come together. Sometimes violent and sometimes peaceful.

But with our mass diversity of psychology across the globe in areas where certain states have a weakness, others have strength.

By natural or manipulated psychological design, we seem to have the ability to help each other.

Together maybe we can tackle every global issue from every angle imagined.


Same same, but different?

Dress it up as you like; but it’s all the same same…..

Making love

Sure there are different styles, but it’s all the same same…

What’s the difference between a box to live in here, or there?

What’s the big deal with things?

What does an experience mean, when the experience has been?

What do we really need?

Could we forget about our greed and spread more seed?

Can we see?; we create our creation of a dream within a dream..

Could we forget our fears, our nightmares, our suffering; and consciously co-create a dream, within our dream, in a dream?


The evolution of spiritual teaching and learning

To teach, to tell, to listen, to see, to learn; are all things perceived outside of the self.

Teachers, learners, and experiencers; are all in their essence wrong. Including myself as I write here.

We only seem to be able to form concepts. Every word, thought, and action is but a concept, and we use them to point towards the conception-less.

We can’t even say; “the conception-less simply is” or even “I am”. As the conception-less is conception-less.

We can’t say that it can only be experienced, as even this is a concept.

Spiritual teacher can point, however the learner is listening to concepts pointing at non-concept. Which in itself is a concept.

To know non-concept is something like the concept of enlightenment. But remember……this is a concept.

If we hope for everyone to grasp this non-concept of enlightenment; the way we teach and learn spiritually should evolve.

How do you who reads this, believe how this will or should evolve?


Negative patterns of thought

Within a tiny particle of time, create an imaginary black hole inside the mind; At the precise moment of formation, cast a sticky thought pattern to it.

A black hole turns mass in to a singularity, a tiny speck of infinite density, so small it might pop out of our universe. Giant (tiny) black holes like at the centre of our galaxy transform mass in to energy; creating stars and new life.

Allow heavy negative thought patterns to be cast in to the singularity, ready for explosive transformation to positive, creative thought patterns.


Fruit of a star

What if fear of the end, Armageddon, conspiracy theories and the like are all pre-conditioned psychological traits written in to our DNA by the sun?

As a motivational tool to encourage us to psychologically embrace moving off the earth, to new stars, and to spread the very seed of conscious life across the universe.

Well before our star explodes, and kills us all. Perhaps beginning this “seeding” process in its middle age, which we happen to be in.

How do other species and plants motivate themselves to seed their environment, in order to continue their existence?

Perhaps we are like this?…. the fruit of stars.