The evolution of spiritual teaching and learning

To teach, to tell, to listen, to see, to learn; are all things perceived outside of the self.

Teachers, learners, and experiencers; are all in their essence wrong. Including myself as I write here.

We only seem to be able to form concepts. Every word, thought, and action is but a concept, and we use them to point towards the conception-less.

We can’t even say; “the conception-less simply is” or even “I am”. As the conception-less is conception-less.

We can’t say that it can only be experienced, as even this is a concept.

Spiritual teacher can point, however the learner is listening to concepts pointing at non-concept. Which in itself is a concept.

To know non-concept is something like the concept of enlightenment. But remember……this is a concept.

If we hope for everyone to grasp this non-concept of enlightenment; the way we teach and learn spiritually should evolve.

How do you who reads this, believe how this will or should evolve?



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