Milky ocean

Our different strengths support each others different weakness.

To have strength, a side affect will be weakness.

Different strength, different weakness.

Across the globe we have many different strengths, and weaknesses.

As our global civilisation increasingly grows in to a more unified world (thanks to the Internet) we can observe that we have all grown in different environments and conditions. As a consequence different psychological states have emerged to what we see spread across the globe today.

Whether manipulated or natural in communities big and small; We see different psychological traits, from one place to another.

We see different things happen when different mixes of psychological states come together. Sometimes violent and sometimes peaceful.

But with our mass diversity of psychology across the globe in areas where certain states have a weakness, others have strength.

By natural or manipulated psychological design, we seem to have the ability to help each other.

Together maybe we can tackle every global issue from every angle imagined.



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