Is it real?

When we are told things like; we aren’t free, police state, mass surveillance, organisations are evil etc… Something happens inside us, we believe it, we fight it, we go crazy.

I might not have enough money to do everything I want, but if I really want it; I know I can find a way. If I want to travel and I don’t have money; I can just walk and hitch hike, and trust in the goodness of others.

If I want to live somewhere else, I can. If I want to live off grid here, there, or anywhere; I can. There might be “laws” saying I can’t; but just like the weed I smoke every day….I still can.

Lacking freedom is an illusion. A mass psychological disorder. No one is in your face telling you; “stay put, work here, don’t do that, do this” and actually have any power over you. Even if you are in jail and reading this; you don’t have to do what your told, you are welcome to resist.

You’re scared, that’s all it is. Chill out, relax, take some deep breaths…. Accept whatever happens, and do whatever you want. You literally are a creator, and you can design your life anywhere, however you want.



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