Shifting perspective

“It” can feel anyway you desire, you can decide to shift a perspective to see any situation, in anyway you choose. No matter how crazy it seems to those around you, or society as a whole.

Behaviour patterns affect many, and spread far. The way we behave while waiting to check in at the airport, while observing another faster queue next to us; Generally leads us to become a little stressed. This behaviour pattern is sub-consciously observed and reflected by all the queues around the globe.

Step out of the perspective if you feel it doesn’t serve humanity, and flip it; Enjoy the queue, realise everyone in the queue is on the same plane. Relax, start a conversation, show your party trick.

You are travelling with other advanced life forms ready to fly in a metal container to another part of a spinning ball of rock, which is orbiting a ball of fire, amongst many other balls of fire, in a vast open incomprehensible space.



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