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The life question..

If you would rather work out the meaning of life for yourself, please don’t read this. I recommend that you don’t!!

Did you know that there actually is an answer to the life question?

Seen as so many have described it before, I don’t feel like I’m spoiling the process for the individual perspective if I let you in on the answer??? (thats if you didn’t already know yourself of course).

Caution! I don’t really know what I’m talking about!!!

If you didn’t know already; you actually have the capability of finding out for yourself intimately. Yet it can be hard to devote enough time to quiet your mind long enough to perceive the answer. So I shall let you know some of the things I realised from a deep personal perspective. Which is the only true perspective.

I encourage you to deepen your personal perspective whatever it may be, and to explore the depths of other perspectives as you feel appropriate.

The answer is:

Please restrain yourself if you would rather figure out the ending for yourself. The truth bellow is my truth, I hope you find your own.

I accept no responsibility for any psychological or physical matters arising from the words I present in this entire document. On reading this you accept liability.

The answer actually is……:

You are god, you that reads this.. You my friend.. are god 🙂

God is everything, all universes, all atoms, all stars, all dimensions. Everything.

You are part of that everything, therefore you are a part of god.

God is one, one is everything, you are one.

The answer lies inside the part of you that feels one.

The truth is within.

One is infinite, you are infinite, and you are experiencing everything.

Experiencing everything all at once is confusing, so you created time.

Everything is a lot so you created space. A lot of space.

One is alone and due to this loneliness you created matter and separatism.

You realised you created this separatism and that you are alone. After years of continued loneliness…. you forgot, so that it would be wonderful to find out for yourself, that you (and everything else); is everything, is god, is you.

One is infinitely and instantly connected to everything. Because in its deepest perspective everything is one.

Awareness of one, awakens to relative perspectives of one.

Become one within the outlines of your body. Become one with your vehicle, rock concert, snowboard, community, country, planet. Etc.

likewise separate yourself from a social order, or don’t move your leg for a month and disconnect yourself from it. Exercise the leg for a period of time and have it become one with you again. Or go through a period of normal social initiation within a group before establishing yourself as part of that community, as one.

Your body and its atoms are part of you in one sense. Yet in another they are separate, as you could remove some of your atoms and still be you.

You affect the atoms around you, because you are the things you have created. Including matter, space, time, and separatism.

Everything is a dream, it’s your dream! and just like within a dream all the characters are you!

This is a very real dream inside the mind of god, which is you.

If you do bad in your dream, you only hurt and suffer yourself.

You can do as you please within your dream, and hurt whom you please, but all the characters are you. Therefore it always comes back to you, and comes back to you tenfold, as the energy spreads and affects different parts of you. Karma.

It’s logical to assume that you will come to a point when you have enough of hurting yourself (perceived as others and loved ones). Then decide to be happy, and to feel one with the universe, everything, and god. Because when you can admit it to yourself; you really actually want to feel good 🙂

It’s a difficult process to accept as it goes against the things you have created to protect yourself from knowing the truth which may make you feel self-destructive. If you can accept these things, allow the temporary illusion to continue without affecting you, you might find peace.

The answer is within, everything you perceive as outside yourself is an illusion. The only thing that exists, is you. At the deepest source of everything in creation you will be able to realise this, as it can only be one thing that created the beginning, which is you. You are that one thing.

When contemplating the above, there are in my opinion two ways to look at this:

1. From an individual perspective; where you are your body.
2. From a one perspective; where you are everything inside and outside your body.

I would recommend meditating and contemplating the depths of both perspectives, while reading the above, as they mean different things depending on what perspective you look at them through.

Critically, logically, and with feeling; experiment with these concepts within the essence of yourself.