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An invitation to collective self organisation – the NHS edition

– Imagine a consortium of medical professionals that can learn work and live for free- Imagine medical facilities with no money involved

– imagine technology created freely as required by the medical collective

– Imagine a collective that teaches and learns independently, responsibly and freely

– Imagine medical facilities that produce their energy from the local environment

– Imagine water collected from the atmosphere to supply patients and carers 

– Imagine hydroponic garden towers supplying food

– Imagine combining all the latest technology, from quantum computers to 3D printers

– Imagine an industry which trains people to scan and asses themselves 

– Imagine medical professionals training families to conduct simple procedures

– Imagine no set working hours   

– Imagine an industry that pioneers health and wellness

– Imagine an industry which looks to health solutions

– Imagine a medical consortium which aims to lower casualties in society

– Imagine a self sustainable health service which empowers individuals and communities

– Imagine something the ancient Greeks would be proud of


This proposal intends to be collectively ripped apart to enable the true spirit of collective self-organisation to emerge. It has not one author, but many. 

We would like to offer the exploration of a beautiful solution to your conundrum. 

Something which if you collectively decide to take action towards, could potentially change the world. 

Many organisations have been exploring full-spectrum sustainable solutions for a long time. A lot of effort has gone into developing support structures, examples, research & development and many design solutions. 

The term revolution will be understood differently dependant on our perspective. 

The world has not seen a revolution; Im not suggesting a means of protest, or violence; I wish to invite you to explore the most peaceful, intelligent, individually and collectively empowering movement towards systems which make sense. 

I would like to offer one vision, I am not imposing this, I simply provide one example from the social pressures I feel from this conundrum; as my partner is waiting for spinal surgery. My main focus is to do anything I can to help the NHS come to their own collective conclusion; Beyond “to strike, or not to strike”.

A truly self-emergent revolution is to be realised collectively, not demanded. In order for us to start thinking in this direction, we need to let go of our ideas in order to enable a collective self-emergent revolution to actualise. 


So please, consider this proposal collectively, as I humbly discard it for you to come to your own conclusion.

How could we get from where we are, to a point that makes collective sense? It seems unimaginable; perhaps I should more simply perform whatever reality checks are necessary to shut myself up?

Realistically I understand it would be negligent to initiate a concept like this immediately. With potential to cause a lot of suffering if action is taken without proper consideration. However there are some very simple actions that may help this concept begin to emerge naturally. 

When we look at our communities, we see so many systems that don’t make any sense; at the root of this, is a fear based system controlled by money. This system seems to be mutating radically through TTIP negotiations held in secret. 

If you have not heard of TTIP here is a clip which helps explain; RT explains the TTIP in 4 minutes

The only way to solve this problem so many are having around the world; is to tackle the root of this issue. By so doing we set an example, and help the rest of the world realise their potential. 

However this is up to you. No matter what path you choose, you will all need to feel supported by each other and the public. This may take some time before you all feel confident about whichever solution you choose to align with. 

A potential direction to move in;

Phase one

– Set up a Google hangout

Phase two

– Invite applications for an impartial voluntary presenter

– Invite guest speakers

– Invite media assistant volunteers 

– Invite admin volunteers

– Invite live questions & suggestions from public & NHS professionals

 Phase three

– Host weekly webinars

– Discuss problems 

– Research facts 

– Assign tasks to audience 

– Explore full spectrum solutions (beyond “to strike or not to strike”)

– Encourage ideas, outside the box thinking and welcome constructive criticism

– Discover the path from here to there

Phase four

– Find the best solution with highest peaceful potential 

– Explain and scrutinize the solution discovered before agreeing on unanimous action
Phase five
– establish a national health network

– Use the power of numbers in the network to explore grassroots people driven leadership over all NHS actions

Please know if you choose to move in a direction similar to this; we will all support you in every way. Going up against giant corporations with more control than governments, will take all of us…..

What would the incentive be for all of you to come together unanimously? Why should a service dedicated to care for communities have to struggle to survive? If you all decided to take coordinated action and stop paying your mortgages at the same time, we would support you. There is safety in numbers and you are the most crucial service in the UK.

How do we overcome pressure from corporations and governments? If we act synchronistically in great numbers, we can support each other. If we offer forgiveness in exchange to help this collective perspective emerge, our actions become non-violent. All we need to do to move in this direction is to start talking about it seriously.

I leave this here, if you read this; it is up to you to inspire in your workforce. This is not my idea, this is yours now. I wish you the very best in whatever you decide to do with it….

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I love you all