Monthly Archives: June 2016

Can you solve this puzzle? 

Instead of a simple “yes or no” vote for a complicated system;

How about a complicated voting structure for simple stuff?

Everyone deserves;
– food

– Water

– Shelter 

– Community 
We could design online surveys that make local solutions obvious. I.e how are we going to provide the basics for everyone?
When we all have everything we need (look around; most of us already have it) then what does it matter what we call a place or how that place is connected to a series of other places we have commonly decided to mark borders around and call places.
More borders is not cool, more control and less freedom is not cool either. 
At the heart of this particular vote we are basically saying;
We don’t want to be told what to do anymore..

Someone has told us this place is called that; and that place is called this, and we are different. Through competition & fear we have been motivated with numbers we call money to give the majority of our physical energy to a system that cannot support us sustainably.
At some stage we need to let this system go, but we need to cultivate a set of values that unite us all.
A leader cannot do this; we don’t want to be told what to do. But things need to be done, not complicated things. Very very simple things;
– We need to build or acquire shelter 

– We need to source water

– We need to grow food

– It helps if we can form groups to achieve this
But what about transport, aviation , going to space, medical care, supermarkets shops rail etc etc?? These areas of society have people in them already and through a period of transition would we let people die or help our brothers and sisters whichever place they are from?
There are so many technological innovations; amazing new energy start ups, 3D printer & drone revolutions, materials, food & water solutions. All while open sourcing is beginning to be explored. These technological revolutions have all come to a plateau; in a monetary system it will only divide society further. When we let go of money, these solutions will rapidly emerge.

We have been manipulated for so long in a paradigm of separation, fear & control. The question is are we ready for the next level? Are we ready to be the change we want to see in the world? 
The choice is simple;
Control or Responsibility..
The choice is ours