This is a free book in progress. I would be honored to receive any feedback or advice.

An open minded guide to changing ourselves, our concepts, and creating world peace.
Cover topics
– The brain
– the body
– the mind – not finished
– addiction
– ego
– the observer (the “I” inside you and me)
– behaviour
-contagious patterns
– intelligence
– imagination – not started
– logic
– perfection
– Energy, frequency and Vibration
– death
– the universe
– the small
– the big
– humanity
– relationships
Neither has the answer to living life, but together both do. Unless resisted. Or willed to change in one direction over another.
– the Internet
– inter personal
– within
-food production
– home grown food production
– Aquaponics
– community farming
– human efficience
-continuous education
-health and social care
– religion and spirituality
-waste management
– mental
– social
– literal
– energy production
-unified peaceful future
– politics
– control with governments vs responsibility from the individual
-global support, community and individual responsibility
-equality and fairness
– money
– what do we need
– psychological attachment
– responsibility
– realistic
– replication time and sustainable
– changing employment
– people who work in banks, stocks, politics, bureaucracy and work that can be automated will shift slowly to new work. To contribute to humanity. Not insanity.
– suggest skill sets from unnecessary employment to apply to the new world order. Ie bankers can work out fair methods of distribution.
– space
-sharing and distribution
– sensible application
– perceptions
-implement positive change
– the suggested code
Before we get in to this book, I would like to mention that I am a nobody. I am not claiming to be an expert in any of the fields discussed in this book, and many of the concepts herein are already available on the Internet. I hope to involve other authors, and willingly accept any criticism or suggested changes.
I hope for this book to serve as a place for ideas to gather. Ideas that help humanity understand what is required to create real peace on earth. I would be honoured if this book goes beyond my contribution and becomes something like a handbook for humanity. A book by the people, for the people.
For this reason I dissolve any ownership of this book, this book is free, so I hope that you didn’t pay for it. This is a book from the people, and is open for the people to expand on, amend, and distribute themselves.
I have simply laid the foundations for which I hope you, and our generations to come will build upon.
It’s time to change.
Humanity has gone through many generations of Insanity; In our own minds, in our systems, organisations, governments, and the very nature of our being. When we honestly look at everything we do from a point of absolute truth, outside the box (alien perception) we see this to be true.
It’s crazy, but true.
Deep down in our hearts we know that war, murder, poverty, and starvation is unjust. We can not advance as a peaceful race of beings if we continue to justify or allow the justification of violence to occur. Directly or indirectly. Physical or emotional.
We are now thanks to the Internet much more aware of the atrocities we have blindly supported and continue to help create. Yet we seem to be waiting for someone else to tell us what to do, and how to do it.
By no means does this text attempt to undermine free will. However the problems are complex and most of humanity is too busy to pick apart at this complexity in order to see a viable route toward world peace. And yes the politicians are too busy to think this through, yet they have within them the same goals for change.
I hope to describe what I see as a framework to achieve world peace. This is a framework that requires every conscious being to implement in their own lives, in their own way. The problems today are as much our’s as they are the organisations, governments, and structures “we the people” have created.
Spirituality and religion tell us that peace is within, however (as much as this is true) we actually have created this external reality we sit in, and it is up to us to change our reality to suit the needs of all. Systems that do not serve us any more need to adapt. The people within those systems need to apply their energy positively to the change, and this is how it will affect us all.
The information described here is already available on the Internet, and if you sift through you tube, you may come to similar conclusions.
If we want to have a peaceful change we have to move away from our addiction of being controlled, being told what, and how to do it. We must move away from blindly thinking we can’t, when we bloody well can!
We have to become individually responsible for our actions, or we will never together feel true freedom.
The technology is here, the time is right, “we are the people”, we can unite, and we are ready for change!
We are ready for world peace!
What is going on?
Across the planet for many differing reasons, wars are being fought, revolutions are occurring, people are protesting, rioting, and even killing each other.
Economic systems are failing massively, organisations needs are favored over the general population, and even our governments.
Masses of people are putting more energy in to voicing their concerns over global issues and measures of austerity. Yet very little energy is applied to solving the problems or creating alternatives.
Governments have been selling their responsibilities so organisations can create money, in order for governments to attempt to manage their debt. The people are being taxed heavily to support this, which is leading humanity to an existence of modern day slavery.
Wealth inequality is resulting in starvation, homelessness and insanity. Individuals will work their entire lives and still not afford to live. The experience of life is avoided by the majority due to focus on working to make money; to eat, provide shelter, education and medical care.
The environment is still being destroyed and the wonderful plants that provide us with air to breathe are shamelessly neglected. In order for our cancerous systems to continue.
The existence of money creates a psychosis in which it is easier for the individual to sell our environment and the majority of our lives to sit in a seemingly better position within this fractured reality. This promotes a pattern of behavior which spreads and escalates the systems we currently and blindly follow.
Energy production methods are becoming extremely difficult, hazardous to extract and implement, with disastrous consequences already in effect. Which is causing the death and demise of not only our own existence, but that of all life on this planet.
The health of the majority of individuals is being neglected, there are many cures and methods of prevention for the diseases we have within our population, yet only those who work hard enough, or are privileged enough to have access to medical care can afford such luxuries.
Our population is increasing, and we haven’t shown the initiative to care properly for those who exist here and now.
Technology and innovation is advancing yet it is only available to those who understand, and can afford. Patents are issued which lock ideas down to a select few in order to create more money from those who require the technology the most.
We have charities and food donation schemes to help those we feel less fortunate, yet we don’t allow them the freedom of movement to exist in a sustainable area, or share technology and resources that would allow them to care for themselves.
Borders create inequality and after two world wars we are sitting on the brink of a terrible third, due to lack of access to drinking water and food production.
We point the finger at our neighbors yet we are hypocrites to our own crimes of humanity. We blame the government, the organizations, and they blame us and each other. Calling for responsibility and action, yet devote no responsibility to our own lives and immediate communities.
Planetary events are occurring and we are becoming more aware of the very real threat of giant rocks falling from space. Yet we still focus on the money, and our own immediate problems.
We have millions of homeless, yet we have millions more homes foreclosed and owned by the banks. Created out of numbers (or lack of numbers) on a computer screen, at interest which literally creates money from nothing. Increasing the problem exponentially.
We work our entire lives to pay for our properties, and those who can’t are left on the street. Resorting to crime, violence, and drug addictions.
We imprison those who make mistakes, and our taxes pay for this. Yet their is much work to be done. Prevention and rehabilitation seem more expensive than leaving them locked up and crazy, or killing them.
People are being killed and imprisoned for speaking the truth, yet those who openly lie face no justice. It is becoming embarrassingly easier to exist in a reality without truth.
The media report only what their corporations allow, reporting but a fraction of twisted complex events that actually occur. Advertising warps our minds and repetitive psychologically damaging viewing is breaking what we would have once called a constructive society apart.
We are separated by greed to fend only for ourselves, yet there is enough to share.
Deep down, we know all this, yet sit idolly hoping that someone somewhere will sort it out, or that “this is just the way it is”.
What is life about? Is this really it? Is this how we want to continue? Do we really understand that we are literally killing our and all species on Earth? Through our action and lack of positive action.
It can be depressing understanding this many different problems worldwide, especially if you feel there is nothing you can do. If you really grasp the issues at hand, this is what can be thought of as an awakening. Becoming aware of current issues, and understanding the problems we continue to create, locally and globally.
This is simply the first stage of understanding. We need this slightly depressing stage to motivate big changes within our immediate communities and worldwide.
The truth is, we can sort this mess out. If not, why not? I hope to inspire you who reads this to take positive action, and help lead a local and global movement for peace, equality, and freedom.
I give this book for free. I have debt in the current system we live in, and I could do with the money to help my existence within this twisted system. However I wish this system to complete and I believe that offering this book with no monetary reward is the type of attitude we all need to adopt in order to push humanity forward in to a peaceful and sustainable future.
I give you the opportunity now, to close this book, to burn it, delete it, or pass it on. I do not want to force any opinions here in, and if you are happy to remain ignorant to the issues of humanity, then please continue your life in this way. It will most likely be easier for you like this.
What is the route of this issue?
All of this has been going on for generations, while our species has stepped in to a more open and connected existence through emerging technologies such as the Internet. We are becoming aware of exactly how our civilization has emerged.
We came supposedly from monkeys to this, and looking at humanity from an outside alien type perspective we are very strange creatures indeed. We are but monkeys who have led and misled each other while playing with atom bombs. We have grown in to intelligence, and now we must understand our intellect in order to apply it intelligently for the benefit of our continued existence.
We have followed each other to this place we exist now. This is how we got here, and for all the atrocities committed by and in blind support of us all, we are here. We are aware. Aware that we aren’t so different across borders, and that our basic needs aren’t that complex.
With the gift of our intelligence that we all posses, we have the ability to understand ourselves. As our population has grown we know if we can’t design our lives sustainably, many of us will perish.
Right now we have over 7 billion minds and around 14 billion hands ready to help create systems which serve us all. If we simply wait for catastrophe to occur we will have less minds and hands available to create. So it seems logical to apply this intelligence now.
We have simply become set in our ways, and copied each other with our methods of living. We have accepted everything the way it is without question. We have accepted all the wars and negative patterns of behavior which new humans entering the world have been told to copy, and do as we are told.
The time has come to observe our patterns of behavior, accept what has happened, and take intelligent positive action for change.
What do we need?
Down to the route of what we need, want, and desire; not the middle man stuff, what do we actually desire?
We need food, we need water, we need air, we need to deal with our waste. We need medical service, schools. We want to enjoy life, be happy, prevent illness both physical and mental. We need education, continuos education for life. We want freedom of movement, we need infrastructure and energy. We need shelter. And we desire these things to come with ease.
And what is this stuff we need? What is it really? Homes are but collected material (wood, concrete, plastic etc) put together in such a fashion that it creates shelter. Electricity is simply burning stuff or using clean energy methods, to turn a motor and create it. If you can get a motor to turn, by river, wind, solar, etc you will create energy. Plumbing a house in is simply dealing with our own poo. And food, yes food actually grows out of the ground! Crazy, but its true. And we work our whole live for this? A few trees/tones of concrete/bricks etc, with our energy lazily connected, rather than created ourselves. Some pipe lines treating our poo and feeding it back to ourselves through fertilizing soils and extracting the water for drinking again and again.
Most of our attention is focused on earning money, or bits of paper from trees which many people help create and make their own cut from. In order to pay for all these things we actually need. We spend our time working for someone else helping them create an empire of wealth and unnecessary things for them for our whole lives, so that we might have a chance at receiving the essentials. Yet the risk remains of loosing it all. Due to the existence of money.
The system of money has been corrupted and we are feeling the devastating affects from this system inflating with the application of interest. The process has become crazy and as it is at the moment, it does not serve Humanity. The systems we put in place only seem to make the problem worse. If we are to exist in a civilization with money, we must drastically change it and how we deal with it.
The greed in our nature has caused this system to become increasingly unbalanced.
The money is the middle man, we either need to cut it out and focus our energy on obtaining the resources we require peacefully, or we need a fair system which destroys greed and corruption.
So what if we all just build our homes, deal with our waste, educate ourselves, and burn our money? Won’t the system fall apart? What about expert medical care? We can’t possibly do as good as the system does, can we?
The thing is, the system is filled with PEOPLE and the money actually slows our progress down. How many people would like to train to be a doctor, but haven’t got the cash? How many potential scientists are out there, working in patent offices like Einstein? How many inventors would like to step up their game, but haven’t got the wonga? How many un-qualified teachers like to help people achieve a task? How many people are unhappy in their jobs needing a challenge? How many people are out of employment, and don’t know what to do?
See, it’s simply a change in attitude, its a positive one. We need to help each other through a big change like this, but it will be exciting and opportunities will present themselves. People who never thought it possible might even be working in space soon after this change.
With a change this big we will see all unnecessary human energy being channelled to new and exciting roles that we need and wish to pursue, where our differences will benefit all of humanity.
How do we change?
Through the course of this book, I hope to bring a number of different and sometimes controversial ideas already out there together. I hope this will enlighten you who reads this, to what can be done in a variety of different social structures.
We need to unite as people, not organizations or governments. Not that we should destroy and murder those in these systems, but that the people contained within these structures should be encouraged to apply their energy more constructively towards humanity.
People will loose their employment in these structures and we have been led to think this is a bad thing. However we must simply re-design where the energy of our lives is spent. It should be spent wisely and for the benefit of all.
I hope that you enjoy reading this book, however this book is a call to action, real action. Not simply protesting the actions we don’t like, but getting busy and changing them. With or without permission. From your own initiative, and in a positive peaceful manor.
Violence does not solve violence, and know that the police, government officials, business men and women are all people to. They do a job, they often do a good job, even if it is corruption. We must encourage and welcome those you feel resistance towards, and work together. As one.
Non religious, non political, all inclusive, new world order.
Behave as one.
The brain
The brain is an incredibly complex organic living computer, built from fatty acids, with a bunch of electricity bouncing back and forth. The information to replicate the brain (which grows out of other humans) comes from tiny structures of twisted and complex microscopic DNA.
Children have been born with massive portions of their brain missing. Others have had large parts cut out, and yet they remain with a sense of “I”. Chickens have lived for a long time with their heads cut off. A high de-capitation yet it still has behavior, is alive, eating drinking, and seemingly has a personality. They have a sense of “I”. This would lead us to assume that even though many of us identify ourselves with this amazing device thinking of the brain as “I” it is in fact not true. You are not your brain, you have a brain. It is possible to use it more efficiently, and for the benefit of all.
The human brain is at the moment the most complex piece of organic equipment we commonly know of. Like dealing with the most advanced computers we have created, it takes a high level of understanding to use it efficiently. Our brains are much more advanced than the most advanced computer systems at this moment. Yet how many of us have been taught how to use it efficiently and avoid viruses?
Just like with advanced computer systems (we have created), if we don’t understand how to use it properly we may quickly stumble in to problems and viruses. Many of us become so infatuated by our brains that we get lost inside it, considering ourselves (the “I”) as the brain. We become lost in infinite repetitive loops of negative, strange, and positive thought patterns; yet we struggle to habitually deal with reality as it happens.
Our brains imagine, remember and project in to the future. Which is an amazing amount of processing power to create realities within the brain that are not actually existing within what we can call reality. We walk or drive around imagining events of past and future, and find ourselves bumping and crashing in to each other. Excusing it as driving without due care and attention.
The only real thing that ever exists, is this moment. However we become so lost in our imaginations of events that have, and are yet to possibly occur, so our attention is distracted from reality. As much processing power that is available to imagination, can be effectively applied within the moment. When we focus our attention deeply on the moment we start to see that we have the ability to solve complex problems as they happen. Even pick flies out of the air while traveling at terminal velocity.
The more processing power we can apply to the moment, the more beautifully we can create our realities and secure positive futures THROUGH the moment.
Many people teach this level of attention, and it has been something the east and shamans of the jungle are much more aware of than those who exist in the west. Over the past few decades teachers have written books translated from the east, and also understood personally by a few in the west. There is so much literature already out there along with free videos and book downloads on the Internet that describe the perception and observation of our consciousness.
(Kolgi raising children)
If we are to create a better future we need to step out of the brain, re-identify with the source of “I” and use our brains inside the moment to create a reality which serves the “now” peacefully in our communities and the planet regarded as one.
The mind
The mind in my opinion and in this context, the way I comprehend it, is energy within the brain. I see it as the “I” within the brain, however I can be the “I” inside my brain, in my heart, or projected out in to my community and within my reality.
We could also see the mind as ego; the concepts you believe represent who you are. I.e “this is my house, my car, my partner, the things I like to do”. These things when contemplated completely do not actually represent who you are. They don’t even come close to defining who you are. Who you are has no definition, and can only be experienced by and through the “I” which exists as an observer inside us all, within the moment.
The intelligent and effective use of our mind/energy will bring great benefits in experiencing whatever we choose.
Fear response
Fight or flight
An antenna used to download.
The body
The body has a nervous system which connects moving parts to a central control system. Control of this system can be sub-concious, reflexive, deliberate, autonomous or semi autonomous.
When the mind is busy imagining the body has less conscious control within the moment. I.e when your thoughts are based on imagining what could go wrong in a seemingly fearful scenario; the mind is so busy it is less able to send a a clear signal from the central control system to the body parts required in order to make effective movement. The fearful situation your mind is imaging in to the future is not happening. However it is assigning a lot of processing power to the imagination, thus less processing power is available to the movement of body parts within the moment.
If you have ever taken part in extreme sports or been in an accident where you narrowly avoided death, you may have felt a lot of attention within the moment, and simply taken effective action without thought. This can lead us to a conclusion that it is more necessary to keep our attention within the moment, rather than imagining possible futures or past occurrences. It feels quite good, and those who might be described as “adrenaline junkies” are actually attracted to this level of attention, as they have witnessed this level of momentary awareness and its many benefits. Successfully avoiding death being the most attractive.
Fear is one of the main obstacles in perceiving this level of momentary awareness. First thing you might lie to yourself about is that you have no fear. However to actively search for moments when you feel even the smallest fear, (such as farting at a dinner party) will bring personal understanding of how fear works within you.
The feeling of an unstoppable fart at a dinner party might have you squirming in your chair, waiting for a natural pause in the conversation to excuse yourself politely and without mention of the fart. You may start to feel uncomfortable while you wait for the opportune moment, and if you have the time to notice what the rest of you body does, you will begin to see some quite random movements, which have no benefit to curing the need to fart, or your impatience.
You won’t be keeping track of the conversation at the dinner party during this scenario. Your mind will be going wild with imaginations of how it might go down if you let loose, how you might stand up and say it before the pause in conversation, when the pause will come about and how. All these thoughts will be putting you in to a state where your mind can no longer deal with reality, and should your opinion be asked during this process, you will have little to say and quite possibly no idea of what the conversation has digressed to during your internal dilemma.
After your fart has dispersed in a private location, you will quite likely feel a sigh of relief as your attention returns to the moment.
Fear is simply a negative imagination which distracts your attention from the moment. When the moment arrives where you must deal with your fear you will have found yourself unprepared for the moment. As the mind is so used to imagination, reality can seem strange, and your body less able to make movements based on the moment.
When you watch someone learning to snowboard (or any other sport involving risk) you will see lots of random movements. A lot of these movements are based from imagination, and might be correct movements in the future, however irrelevant before the necessary moment arrives.
Positive, strange, and crazy imaginations can cause a similar distraction. However understanding the difference between imagination and reality is key to solving these issues of mind and body. When imagination can be used effectively, cool things can be created through use of the body intimately connected with mind within a moment.
Effective balance of imagination and reality is where miracles exist.
You are your own judge as to when imagination or momentary attention should be applied. Becoming more aware of both occurring within the moment is the route to conscious control.
Addiction is anything we do repetitively. Breathing can be seen as addiction, but it is necessary for our continued existence, yet free divers can hold their breath for a shocking amount of time. Your body with training can go a long time without oxygen. Our addictive nature mixed with fear and seeming lack of abundance, causes us to breathe more often.
Smoking tobacco is an interesting addiction as it is something we don’t actually need. The same can be said with drugs, coffee, alcohol, and excessive quantities of food. In our culture there are many things we don’t actually need, yet continue out of addiction. Addiction to being controlled, to working pointless jobs with no benefit to humanity, other than to continue along our addictive path.
We can even see it in our movements, addiction to always going somewhere yet never arriving. To move out of discomfort or social fear. When our addictions prevent us from conversing with each other during a passing in the street, or excusing a conversation short by stating “I’ve got to go because…… We are being affected by addiction. It seems to come from a lack of comfort within the moment. It distracts our attention from the moment as we feel we need to keep moving, keep imagining, or to smoke, get a drink, go for a fart etc. which prompts the imagination towards our addiction and away from the moment. Our own distractions from reality.
Giving ourselves to the moment, and becoming more aware of our addictions will help determine wether or not we need, or want to enjoy addiction appropriately.
If there is an addiction we do not desire; asking ourselves if we feel we need or want to enjoy the things we are addicted to, while observing the addictive behaviour naturally occur within us, will help enjoy the addiction more when we are doing it.
You will become more aware of the difference between enjoying an addictive substance and feeling negatively towards your continued addiction. As you become more aware, unnecessary addiction will simply dissolve. Unless you truly desire to enjoy it.
Enjoying addiction will be much more beneficial to our health than to continue feeling we shouldn’t. When we are depressed we seem to become prone to illness, and when we are happy we seem to be more healthy. So in my “opinion” if we are to continue with addiction toward something that isn’t beneficial for our health, it is of the upmost importance to enjoy and be happy with it.
For humanity to secure a positive, peaceful future, within ourselves, our environment, communities and the planet as a whole; we must become aware, and ready to change our addictions.
Things like oil have terrible consequences for humanity, and should be addressed globally and individually. We don’t need to suddenly stop, as this could cause more negative consequences. However we do need to become aware of alternatives, and actually ready to implement them within our communities.
For instance tobacco is proven to have negative consequences for the individual and there are other things to smoke. (chamomile tea being one of my favourites). Or safer ways of smoking tobacco like vaporisers.
We don’t need to necessarily stop all these things at once, however we do need to address change, and we need to start working on these changes now. We definitely need to change our methods of transporting ourselves and converting our systems of energy production to clean sustainable methods. Their are options out there, and they don’t take a great deal of thought to apply individually and within our communities now. Globally things will take longer, however within our communities these things will change quicker when we start working on them together now.
We can look deeper in to addiction and see its effect on every aspect of our behaviour; so what would you do with no addiction at all?……Nothing? Addictive patterns create everything we do. The way we act, behave and respond in every situation is an addictive pattern of behaviour learned throughout the course of our lives, predominantly Sub/un-consciously. Therefore it seems logical upon observing these addictions, to change all observed addictive negative action to a slightly different more beneficial positive addiction for ourselves and all of humanity.
When we comprehend this further, without our addictions, we see the effect our addictive patterns have on those around us. The way you like your coffee/tea or whatever causes someone else to either change the way they make coffee/tea FOR you, or make it the way they like it, causing you to have a bad cuppa. From our addictive patterns of behaviour, those around us have a choice to comply, copy, accept, or resist change.
Logically understanding if this response has a positive or negative effect on ourselves and those concerned will help guide the individual to whichever outcome is truly desired, and actually beneficial.
The ego is a strange and mysterious psychological disorder that lives inside everyone’s mind. You either learn to live with it, or kill it. When the ego takes over, it can seem like odd behaviour from the perspective of another person; however they are suffering from an unbalance between thoughts of themselves and their ego. Struggling daily to understand the difference between the egos unhappiness and the indescribable observing individual within.
The ego in its simplest form is a fear of death, which effects every action we take. Like someone learning to snowboard or ski, they take that first run from the top of the mountain on a convex slope; The rider can’t see the slope itself due to the angle. It seems like there is an edge that they could fall off and plunge to their early but inevitable death. It’s a common first response to be in a state of fear thinking of this “edge” and imaging something much worse than it actually is. Yet if an individual where to pick themselves up and throw their body over this edge (created in the mind) they would simply penguin slide down the slope until it mellowed out, or became an actual cliff.
Similar to this scenario; our mind alters and creates fear of death, escalating in to the smallest actions, that do not actual involve coming close to death. The fear becomes irrational, and unchecked leads to a less enjoyable existence.
Out of this fear our mind creates ego. It happens naturally and you can actually witness its birthing within new humans. Our ego is a false identity of ourselves, it attaches itself to things it sees as real; this is my name (a sound) this is my car, house, partner, the things I have done etc. when we contemplate deeply the nature of ourselves, we all come to the same realisation: that we are nothing. We are not a single atom within our body, we are not our limbs, organs or anything else. When you ask this question to yourself and actually try to pinpoint the essence of “I” you will see the answer.
When we get close to realising and applying this concept within our life, we begin to notice that there is a psychological disorder created out of a fear of being nothing. We will all die, not one of us will avoid this inevitability, we eventually go to this place of nothing, or whatever it can’t be described as. The ego develops to protect ourselves psychologically from this fear of nothing, which seems similar to “what we imagine as death”.
The ego to avoid this realisation of nothingness, attaches itself to as much as possible. To your possessions, your partner, the things you have done. That’s why when someone suggests you haven’t actually done something (you say you have), or steals a possession, it feels terrible, like you might actually die. We have arguments with friends, loved ones, and wage wars over this mass psychological disorder.
In my own opinion it is very important to address this psychological disorder when the time is right within the individual. If you are not prepared to accept your death, and nothingness, the ego will be of service. But a day will come where you must deal with, face, and learn to Accept, both death and ego.
With love and courage, extinguish ego, and face death.
Facing ego, and witnessing the addictive patterns of behaviour created by something you confused as “I” and allowed to be, can be a tad depressing at first. You notice a lot of the things “you” said, done, thought, and talked about; where meaningless, and often embarrassing. Accepting these things and facing them fearlessly will help understanding of the difference between an honest action direct from the source of yourself vs the ego.
In my own felt experiences, from what I am able to honestly observe; the ego seems to have two phases. Possibly a third or more, but I’m yet to work that out. I would advise coming to your own conclusions as this is just me, and to you, I am an illusion. There is also a lot of literature out there which describes this better than I.
In my first phase I felt a deep connection to myself, felt enlightened, and decided I had lost my ego. However the ego simply changed form at the moment I identified it. After attempting to apply it within my own life (the deep connection with myself) I kept stumbling in to moments of frustration, anger, and annoyance. I eventually came to realise my ego was still there.
Before I checked this within myself; I was suffering from a form of spiritual ego. Un-checked this ego can become judgmental, and un-balanced.
In my second phase (which I am still in); I identified deeply with what the “ego” was wanting and the way in which it behaved within me. After a two hour bath meditation I decided to let it go, thinking I would see it again after my death. I felt relief, and sadness. Yet I still noticed habitual patterns from ego where I would remain silent, as if waiting for the ego to respond. I came to notice that the connection within me to my ego is still here, yet I have given maximum control to the essence of myself. Every day learning more about the essence of myself, understanding the difference between the ego and me.
Using my mind to create imaginations to satisfy the ego, yet remain in control, working with my ego. Make up your own conclusions, but I think that killing the ego can almost suppress it, resistance causes it to remain. Maybe by working with it, there is another phase. Once the processes in your brain are wired in such a way that it is more connected to thoughts from the essence of yourself than the ego; here maybe there is enlightenment??
When you make a decision to diminish your ego, and start to feel like others should too. This is the ego again. And this is me, and I am telling you from my own experience with my ego. I have not studied these subjects for years, which is something the east has done much more. However I think a perception of knowing yourself as part of the shit you see in the world is a good and positive place to stand in order to be the change you wish to see in the world.
You who reads this is part of the shit we see today in all the problems of Earth. You really are. And if you think of it deeply, you really are part of the shit:
You should either be depressed or angry there. And I just wanted you to understand what that statement feels like, for you. Identify with that emotion is, is that you? Is it your ego? What do you want? How can you change your habits to motivate a change?
It’s all good, accept all these things, accept it for it made you aware. You are in a position to be part of, lead, or inspire a change, within you, your community and the planet.In every moment, and everything you do. Don’t depressingly accept terrible things, change them, think you can’t? I bet you can when you give it momentary attention ๐Ÿ™‚ and combined we will.
It’s all good. Trust in that. For all the bad it’s good. For all the bad, for all the good; we are here, we are aware, we are ready for change inside and out. For the benefit of all on earth.
Within ourselves
Within the moment
Inside our communities
Inside our minds
For the good of all
For real peace on Earth
In the moment
The observer
The feeling of “I am” inside you, is an observer. The essence of who you are.
Actually sit quietly and contemplate who you are for a comfortable moment of time. Who is this witness, and where is this thing you think of as “you” located exactly? Actually spend some time right now contemplating this. Just sit there and stare blankly at this page (if you don’t feel comfortable meditating right now). Locate yourself, the point of awareness, the sense of “I am”. What is it? Where is it? Even if you feel you have answered, just sit there. For a moment as the single point of awareness. Be it.
Stare blankly
Stare blankly
Stare blankly
Stare blankly
Stare blankly
The answer is yours, I continually question my own. What can be known however is that we don’t have a location within any of the matter that we seemingly identify ourselves with. Science can not see the answer. Because it is nothing. It has no existence in what we perceive as reality. Therefore the essence of yourself is outside of this reality, that we can observe. And through this perception of yourself you access this experience of whatever you identify yourself with.
We can observe some very strange behaviour from electrons, which make up matter, which make up what we identify ourselves with. The behaviour we see is of electrons existing in multiple locations all at the same time, working backwards and forwards in time, transmitting information instantly, faster than light. These are what we might observe as characteristics of interdimensionality. This way of thinking, solves a lot of theoretical problems for science.
If we take this concept of the behaviour of the electrons which exist within us, then our electrons (which seem to exist outside space time) can exist in multiple locations and information can travel backward and forward in time.
Adding to this, a fact that we have the potential to live inter-dimensionally; for example take this exert from a post on EWAO (Earth we are one):
“We are all inter-dimensional
Stand in a bar and order a beer. Take three sips, ask where the sink is, and proceed to pour the beer down the sink. While looking the bartender in the eye; say nothing, smile politely, then walk out.
You have entered a new dimension.
Anytime you take action away from the normal habitual patterns we all fall in to; through perceptions, expectations, and generations of continued (seemingly accepted) repetitive behaviour. You literally open a new dimension for humanity.
Carefully design the dimension for humanity, inside the smallest of momentary actions. “
So we can find some controversy here, yet personally felt realisations; The real fact that you have electrons, and they can do this crazy stuff. When you experience the moment your awareness is sharpened. And in the simplest way we control our dimensions. We know this from things like Star Wars, the Buddha, the Ninja warrior, Samurai, and the like.
There is also a lot of literature which help explain this level of attention and its positive effect on reality, which is obtainable.
So with the above in mind, contemplate on this/stare blankly at the page;
know that you can use your imagination to open up different dimensions possible for you. Eg you can throw this book away now, you could stand up, you could book a flight. Etc. imagine all the possible dimensions you can imagine (through yourself) and trace them back to the source of you, now. Experience them within the imagination while sitting still.
Feel your concentration sharpen on the moment, and begin to observe the energy and information there. Coming from all those dimensions.
Stare blankly
Stare blankly
Stare blankly
Stare blankly
Stare blankly
What do you need? What do you want? Is there something bothering you? Is there a solution? Please answer these questions now. That is you there, the essence of you. Ask yourself anything in that state and receive the answer you desire.
Space to write (attach pages as necessary):
It is very important to “find yourself” and it’s very easy to fall under the egos trap of finding the essence of yourself. As it is scared of death, and aware that when you find yourself, it has a limited time left in the driving seat. But you are nothing, you are beyond the ego. To find yourself, will help you realise exactly what you want and need from the physicality of life. The ego will only have you wanting more, yet never satisfied. To become yourself, you become nothing, and need nothing to develop an image of who you are. To yourself and others.
From this point of nothing, we can observe logically what we actually need….. I’m hungry!
Behaviour can be seen as instinctive, copied, and learnt patterns of habit from others which exist in this dimension. The behaviour is not part of the individual, behaviour is an expression, it is not the expressed.
Behaviour can be thought of as a reflection of ones perception of reality, judged through the individual/ego where a reaction takes place based on their inner emotional state, then projected out in to reality where it can be reflected, resisted, or changed.
This process is more complex with an ego in the driving seat. Without it you can see clearly what behaviour is doing to the essence of yourself and those around you. You see how in some cases behaviour is copied (even when negative), resisted (even when logical), and how unnecessary an egos expressions are to reality, yourself, and those around you.
Sometimes you might perceive another persons behaviour as strange, even crazy. Yet it is simply a lack of understanding on your part. If the true essence of you is nothing, then so is everyone else. And from this nothing you experience reality, you grow from a child with this nothing as yourself, and along the way decide to identify with whatever you identify with throughout your life. You make habitual responses based on the experience. And if you where to shift your nothingness to another person for their entire lives, you would understand their expression, and experience, that brought them to “crazy behaviour” now. Which you and I have expressed at some point also.
Through understanding our own nature, our own patterns of behaviour, and our responses. We begin to understand others deeply.
If we do not question our own behaviour intimately we will remain confused at others.
Before we go any further, as I hope that you are in to the book as much as I am at this point; I would like to declare that through the course of this book, I am in a process of learning myself. Bringing together subjects I have thought about, from my perspective, which is open to change. I hope to learn about the subjects I discuss while I write, and I hope with communication and feedback from you, to develop ever greater understanding.
I hope to continually check and adapt my behaviour appropriately. For the benefit of myself and all of humanity.
A behaviour can be seen as a vibrational pattern; you can observe it in the variety of ways people habitually order a beer. We fit in to a series of vibrational boxes of energy. You can see when someone aligns with a certain vibrational pattern displayed by another or through the tv etc; behavior patterns are contagious.
This is quite noticeable when you witness different vibrational behaviour patterns of cars on the freeway. It clearly is contagious; the way people overtake, the way people are overtaken, and the fluctuating (seemingly aggressive sometimes) acceleration patterns. Which you can actually train yourself to notice and avoid. Making for a much smoother ride.
When you notice someone overtake you, and you feel a will, an uncontrollable draw to accelerate also, it is your ego that is being effected. The behaviour patterns source is your ego.
Lets pick apart at this logically, what’s going on in this common higway interaction?:
You have a wide open road in front of you, no cars in sight. People are following you, you aren’t following anyone. It’s your road, your ego attaches itself, this experience, as you.
Suddenly! You notice that a car is overtaking you, your imagination runs wild, a feeling of jealousy enters as you know that car is going to experience what you have. You instinctively feel a flight or fight response enter, you feel that it means your death to have that experience taken from you. So you either bitterly accept it cursing the “dangerous” driver, or step up your speed limit and race. A sub-conscious element seems to arise and as you feel these emotions through this interaction they will be displayed in fluctuations of your speedometer.
See if you can notice this behaviour pattern in yourself, and others on the road, go out there now (only if you drive of course) and deliberately aim to be overtaken, while attempting to remain in your normal habitual responses. Just simply watch how you respond to this situation. No judgment, simply watch and allow all that happens naturally to occur. Go now! If you haven’t got a car, go there in your imagination, but try to notice similar behaviour patterns in yourself and those around you.
Stand up.
Go get your keys.
Go for a drive a couple of towns away or more, on the freeway, now. Please. ๐Ÿ™‚
If you have noticed a fluctuation occur, why is it occurring? You don’t need to be the one in front, you don’t have to respond if someone else is going faster. You can sit there and enjoy the car passing, stick a thumbs up even?
The driver overtaking, could be seen as a big ego. However; have you ever been late and in a rush? Ever driven someone in an emergency? Needed a poo desperately, and the next service station is 50k away? Bought the car of your dreams, and enjoy a faster ride?
They say everything happens for a “reason”, its not in the sense of an excuse the way we habitually think of it. It is simply that everything in reality has a reason for occurring. When looking at the reasons judgmentally and seeing ego, you are in fact looking through your own ego. If you can quiet your ego, and judgments while simply observing another’s actions you will see the reason more clearly.
Become aware of the behaviour patterns arising, notice where they come from. The ego, or the essence of you? The essence of you has the power to access the brain and create a complex reality which satisfies the ego, while learning to disassociate the control over our body’s functioning from the ego. Observe and release the habitual energy pattern through the essence of you. Decide consciously what the essence of you desires from any given moment.
The ego can want the body and mind to respond a certain way, but taking control of this by the essence of you, will bring a much more enjoyable existence to you, and your ego. The egos needs will never be fulfilled, yet you have the power to take perfectly, and exactly what you need from every situation, and convince the ego that peace is possible. Within you and the greater reality we exist in.
Seen as we can factually observe behavior patterns spread, it is of the highest importance we address negative patterns of behavior and spread more beneficial behavior patterns, that are good for all of us.
Intelligence is something we all have. We may apply that intelligence to literally anything we, our ego, or someone else desires. We can even apply to things we, our ego, or others do not desire.
Where the line exists between intelligence and crazy is questionable, and based on perceptions and judgments from all the people. You might think that when someone applies their intelligence to physics and the universe that they are crazy. Especially if they start talking aliens. You might think someone jumping off a cliff and pulling a parachute is insane. However it is the same thing, you may apply the intelligence we all have to anything, and the more you apply it, the more you learn, understand, and master the perspective you focus on.
Simple really; practice makes perfect, although perfection is another questionable subject I decided right now to cover later in this book.
What do you think about mostly? Sex? Worries? Fears? What might happen, what might not? Your job? The love of your life? The death of a loved one? Whatever you think about is what your intellectual power is focusing on. Think a lot of worries and fears and your intelligence will be really good at worrying and fearing.
Applying intelligence appropriately will bring you ever closer to those you think of as smarter than you. Who is smarter? Einstein might be considered as smarter than most of us, and he died pretty much a generation ago. Einstein enjoyed thinking about the universe, light, gravity and came up with realisations which make our current technological world tick. Einstein simply focused on a series of subjects, and over time came to e=mc2, and many other fundamental conclusions.
Thanks to Einstein, we can build on this intelligence, focusing our attention on his ideas and take it further. Or realise a need for changing concepts like he did.
If we are to advance as an intelligent race of beings it would make sense to set some goals of intelligence. Building strong high standards of intelligence as a foundation for humanity to progress, and solve complex problems created by increasing demands from a rapidly expanding population.
Thanks to those who have taken the time to understand Einstein we have the potential through these people to help others understand. Through mediums such as the Internet, and cgi, helping others understand subjects like this is possible to achieve now. Setting a goal for humanity and new growing humans to understand and achieve this level of intelligence seems logical.
Can you imagine?; if we all had the same level of intelligence as Einstein, what would the smartest humans be capable of understanding further from his research? How to travel faster than light? Through time? Exploring other dimensions? Maybe, however we won’t see unless everyone decides to pursue and apply this level of intellect.
However, intelligence is accessible by anyone, and everyone. All it takes is focus, and a willingness to learn. We all have a brain, a super advanced computer system, and with training this system appropriately we can come to the same conclusions as anyone else. Einstein didn’t really create anything, he simply discovered concepts which are already in nature. He didn’t make up the equation e=mc2, he found it. By looking, focussing attention, and allowing himself the time to use his advanced computer system; to observe aspects of reality intimately.
So what is the appropriate application of our intelligence? Whatever YOU desire it to be. What it is not, is repetitive loops of negative/destructive thinking. It’s so easy for our minds to wander, the mind is constantly computing information, both imagined and real. And when it doesn’t have an appropriate task it will literally latch on to anything, and keep replaying it, simply to continue functioning.
When you have a perceived problem, say your partner is cheating on you (might be real or imagined) the mind loops repetitively around the same subject, thinking of how bad the situation is, how much you want to get back at your partner, about the evidence, their behavior etc. During this process if asked about an equation like e=mc2 there will most likely be a confused facial expression, and little care for investigating the subject at all.
Spend a large portion of your life thinking this way, and negative habitual patterns of behavior (towards yourself and others) emerge. The outside world seems confusing, scary, and nasty. And all because YOU decide to look through perspectives which support this concept. Those around you, see this as acceptable behavior, some will copy, and spread this behavior pattern.
If we can become ever more aware of our thoughts, and change the unnecessary repetitive negative thought patterns, applying our mental processing power to expanding our intellect, we will notice positive patterns emerge rapidly. Through spreading this pattern of behavior we will increase the intelligence of the human race!
Changing perspectives is necessary for understanding. By focusing on one perspective you limit yourself to that one view. If you continue thinking about how bad it is that your partner is sleeping with someone else, you will continue thinking more negative thought patterns towards this situation, which only concludes more negativity. If you can courageously change perspective during this testing time, you will observe within yourself how positive thought patterns are created.
Looking at this situation from the perspective of your partner; you will begin to see why they where unhappy in the relationship. Why they are happy in their potential new one. Would you wish someone to be unhappy with you forever? If that’s how they feel, let them. Let them be happy, let them be free. From a perspective like this, you set your mind free. Free from looping negative thought patterns and unwanted destructive desires.
Looking at this situation from an alien perspective; we are 7 billion (and growing rapidly) intelligent creatures, hanging out in many different styles of relationships, all going to die, all going to end in some way. Getting so upset over this thing that happens to all relationships, grasping inappropriately at each other. It’s futile as it ends for everyone. Why don’t the humans learn how to emotionally deal with ending, moving on, and death. As the benefits of such concepts advance the entirety of humanity. There isn’t really a difference to hanging out with one mate over an other, it’s all the same. We all relatively look the same, we all shit, piss, vomit, bleed, eat, have sex, birth, and die.
When we begin to look at other perspectives, especially when we have been set so firmly on one for so long, it’s hard to actually change. We must be careful not to look at new perspectives through the skeptical lens of our old opinions. Or search for reasons to justify our perspective as the only true one.
When we believe something to be true, we are attaching ourselves mentally to that one concept. When we believe nothing is true, and accept that our viewpoint is wrong, we enter a state of rapid learning by opening multiply concepts for consideration. We become open to new and valid information.
The buddah says beginners mind.
Have you ever learnt a new skill? Something of interest? A sport? For example when you learn to skydive you are very much in a position where you wish to listen to your teacher, and the state that you enter is one of great interest. Your life is on the line. The ego takes a back seat as your physical life is threatened, you accept totally that you are a beginner.
When you know yourself to be a beginner approaching a new sport (or any task), the learning is rapid. Learning to jump out of a plane; you might be thinking before starting a skydive course that performing backflips and frontflips while in the air is a pretty advanced maneuver, you might try maybe 20 jumps in or something. However this is not the case, it is requirement to pass the course. On hearing this information a wall of fear jumps up. Then all of a sudden on the second jump your flipping, spinning, and performing all kinds of maneuvers in the air, and its not so bad. Your pleased at your progress being so rapid.
Doing these tasks for the first time is exciting, and once you start getting used to the maneuvers they aren’t so scary. An air of confidence begins to arise, and you move in to a state of experienced (no longer a beginner) as your rate of learning begins to mellow out, you enter a plateau in your learning. You think of yourself as an intermediate, so you feel like there isn’t so much you need to learn, you simply know it. And that’s why progress stops or at least slows down. Simply your perception has changed from actively searching with a beginners mind for new and useful information, to an ego state of feeling like you already know so not bothering to look for and learn new information.
Even when you have had more experience than anyone else in your field; remaining in a state of beginners mind while performing the task you are so experienced at, will allow you to continually progress, and pull the task itself in to a higher state of learning.
If the universe is infinite, so is information, so is learning, so is intelligence.
You do not know it all, and you never will.
To make perfection an obligation is futile, to peruse it without expectation will bring you ever closer.
Perusing a perception of intelligence, and realizing it was not correct is not wrong. You have learnt through the power of elimination. This can quite often be a longer process, yet the learning is so much more valid than being told from an outside source not to do a certain thing. Now you intimately realise, and understand. You are in a better position to continue learning from there, understanding more issues from your own experience.
Allowing mistakes in the pursuit of your increasing intelligence should be encouraged. Something I heard from someone else (not sure who). Most of the things I’m talking about in this book, I have heard from someone else, a book, a science lecture, consciousness research, youtube etc. I’m not going to spend the time quoting everything I have learnt, however I would like to state that no thing that I write in this book is unique from me. I’m not an expert, however I have felt a lot of the things I’m talking about here in my own research within myself, and outward reality.
My personal belief (which is open to change); at this moment in time while I write this book on a quite extended holiday in Thailand is that humanity have had many new ideas and realisations. I believe it’s time to unite as humans, unite our ideas, bring them together and put them in to practice to change all our lives for our positive existence on this planet. As one.
If we do not allow mistakes, it will be harder to realise how to change for the better. Remaining in a broken and twisted system, imprisoned by our perceptions of that system, will only lead to a repetitive negative cycle of existence for humanity. Which we can see is what has happened in history.
In allowing mistakes, we accept them. If we accept them we are in a position to change with the person making the mistake, the mistake itself, and everyone else. We are all in a position to advance our understanding exponentially.
We know and have countless trillions of lives lost to prove that nothing is constant. Not even our star, “the sun”, so why should anything be understood as such?our concepts, our beliefs, our being right or wrong. Belief in our intelligence is temporary and insanity may come, look out for it, identify it, allow it. Psychologically we will all be in a better position if we understand from this universal perspective.
Nothing is still, nothing is constant. Everything will change. Forever.
Peruse increasing intellect. Or it can decreased should it be desired. Infinitely.
We talk of freedom of information, and still a lot is classified. Yet there is too much for us to comprehend, even for those (like the NSA) who classify information. There has been millions of documents both classified and declassified in the past few years, but how long would it take an individual to read and understand all that information? It takes around 225 years to count out loud to 7 billion, and there are more than 7 billion perspectives right now, all with their own information and understanding of our reality. How do we all hope to truly comprehend the totality of reality with this many perspectives, within our limited lifespans?
How do we communicate so we are all on the same page of understanding? Is it even possible? With the Internet it is becoming ever easier to obtain even classified information, yet with 7 billion perspectives it is difficult to obtain what we feel we perceive as real information. What is real information?
I’m asking you the reader, I don’t know?
Information can be classified for a number of different reasons; to make money for the person who discovered the information, to protect ourselves psychologically, to prevent social or economic disaster, to be perceived as doing the right thing. Etc.
When we classify information, especially with 7 billion perspectives on it, we are quite likely to find someone (or many) outside of the classifying organisation attempting to understand the classified information as well. Those who are interested in understanding can potentially add valuable input to increasing our understanding of information. Concluding that the people who classify information, know that there are people trying to understand from a perspective with a dead end. The willingness of these people wishing to further our understanding of information is being wasted, through lack of truthful informed shared information. However with enough time we will learn the hard way.
When we lie or purposefully misinform, we are teaching and encouraging others to peruse concepts that are not relevant to reality.
With 7 billion minds on this planet it makes sense to apply everyone’s intelligence accordingly, in order to increase humanities greater understanding of reality.
With computers today we have the technology to put in place systems which completely free information, and for those interested to apply their intellect toward increasing the greater understanding of all information. It’s happening anyway all over the net, facebook, you tube, books etc. We will all eventually come to the realisation that information needs to be open, free to all, and readily available to anyone with a desire to know, and contribute towards.
A lot of people want this; complete freedom of information, full disclosure. Yet why would anyone enlighten the masses if we don’t show responsibility and the psychological preparation for receiving classified information? We must first show that we can accept the information without falling in to chaos, and anarchy. Which already seems to be happening.
In the end we will all work together, either through applying our intelligence together soon, through force, through disaster, or culling. And in 4 billion years our sun will explode and we will all die. Unless we find a way to travel through time or stars? Which is a real concept we will have to consider the longer we exist.
Just like our individual mistakes should be accepted to help increase our own intelligence; so should the mistakes of our nations, organizations, governments, and religions. For they (as many of us have) found/finding out the hard way, what not to do.
Whatever information is classified right now, we should psychologically prepare, accept, and show willingness of this attitude before we demand revelation. For as much as we have fear within ourselves; organizations have fear for us, for themselves, and from us. We must remember that “they” are part of “us”.
When we find the courage to stand in a position of real freedom of information, we should begin to organise (with technology) and construct information systems that individuals are interested in, open for learning from, contributing towards positively, and supportively.
At this point in the book I would like to state that I am attempting to write in a way that it is understood for a variety of different human levels of consciousness. I hope not to offend anyone who already knows what I am talking about, and should you feel you already understand something I’m describing, I am trying to write it so that you can simply skip paragraphs. Please feel free to do so, or entire chapters for that matter, I’m not there with you, so I won’t even be able to pretend I’m not offended, as I don’t know. Please enjoy putting this book down as much as picking it up.
The right to information comes with responsibility to act. Failure to act will conclude that it was a failure to inform.
Many protest for information to be released, put their lives on the line to inform us, and still the masses put more energy in to complaining and protesting rather than creating and solving the deeper issues.
Thanks to Edward Snowden we are aware that the NSA with advanced “actual” computer systems have been monitoring our communications and behavior patterns. We immediately think of this as wrong, yet why are they actually doing this? Would “they” tell us while we complain and protest so much?
Again, I don’t know, I’m asking you the reader. I am not part of any organisation, political party or religion. Relatively I know nothing, I’m a regular guy with a little bit more time on my hands than the average person, and subsequently more debt.
Thanks to Chelsea Manning we are aware of the reality of what happens during times of war in our modern age. Without courageous people like this, information that we now know would not be common knowledge to the wider public, and we would be in a position of blindly accepting war, lies, and spying as a route toward advancing humanity in this negative direction.
Thanks to people like this we have the potential to; know, become aware, and to change to what we desire for all of humanity. Yet we have the choice to remain ignorant. Do we desire war, starvation, corruption, slavery, inequality? As this is what we have all created in our current system, its real, and its happening now.
When we understand information already out there, how our little world functions, and becomes interrelated in this negative way, we must question. We must accept. We must create. We must work together as one.
Information isn’t really on the tv, (the tv wants to protect our psyche, prevent mass panic and delusion) it is on the net, but a lot of it is mixed up with disinformation, and misinformation. We have to keep an open mind while researching how our planet functions. We must observe and comprehend the mass of information through the essence of ourselves. And we must remain at peace while we do so.
Conducting research in a calm, accepting perspective of beginners mind while researching aspects of humanity, with a willingness to be part of the change, will be of psychological service. Before heading in to the internet for information, you should be looking at it with a real willingness for peaceful change as it can be very easy to get caught up in conspiracy theories, responding in fear or with anger. Before you know it the imagination runs wild, and the whole world seems like its against the essence of humanity. This is why people take to the streets and protest, and why when they are met with resistance things turn violent.
People turn to protests as its a behavior pattern which has been spreading for a long time. It does bring attention to the subject and increase the awareness of the masses. However when a protest turns violent we have done something wrong, and repeating the same mistakes; only causing the behavior pattern to spread and escalate, like we see happening all over the world today. Although not reported on the tv, which is a good thing, as for those who aren’t ready to know this information it’s psychologically better to remain ignorant. The quest to know must arise from the individual. The individual must psychologically prepare, and thankfully you can exist in ignorance until you are ready.
So if you feel slightly depressed from some of the things we are discussing in this book, simply put it down, stick on the Telly and get some adverts inside you. Seriously, no worries, come back when your ready, your welcome anytime.
The behavior pattern needs to change upon learning information about how our world has been functioning. With all the people available for protest, that energy can be channeled in to the actual change itself. Instead of demanding the government or organisations make changes, simply stand up and state this is the change, and this is how we want to apply our energy to the change. With enough of us on it, any problem will be solved. We don’t need to resist our governments and organisations, for they had a very organised approach for a long time, which will be of benefit to the change. Working with each other, not against or in competition anymore.
There are already many alternatives to living inside the current system, and there are some very cool change movements we can all get involved in through skype, Facebook groups, and many forums for change.
The Venus project is one of these schemes for change, through designing futurama style cities, Eco homes to house the masses, while working with nature to build sufficient systems for all. They are literally designing a sustainable future for everyone, in every aspect of society. These are the big guys, thinking cities, and interconnected structures. Check them out on the net, go research now.
Get online
Get online
Get online
Get online
Get online
New earth project is another (smaller scale) social change structure. Plots of land are being bought up across the world and they plan to build Eco, self sustained simple sufficient homes and small communities. Living in nature respectfully, and covering many aspects of living socially in peace. It’s smaller scale than the Venus project but communities like this can sprout up pretty quickly, and already have been for years independently. Check them out online now! ๐Ÿ™‚
Get online
Get online
Get online
Get online
Get online
overall information is everywhere and it’s in everything. If you look for it, you will find it. With one of the most powerful tools now available to humanity THE INTERNET!
logic is something we can all access. Logic is looking at the problem for what it is, not as it can be mistakenly perceived as by the current misperception of the masses, or through fears, and negativity. Stepping outside of your perspective will help in applying logic effectively. Logic sometimes concludes that you are wrong. To remain in a state of peace even when you are wrong will allow you to continue to access the great power of logic more often.
Logic can go out of control, and get a bit nasty. Like the old moral dilemma of a baby on a train track vs brick wall on the other line; you can change lines but kill everyone on the train hitting the brick wall, or you can kill the baby and save everyone on board. Logic says kill the baby.
This is why we should question our logic frequently, never get stuck on one opinion, and like Spock in Star Trek learns; to add feeling to his logic.
Regarding the baby on the train track; if one person on the train can think outside of the two available options for a moment, they might see that someone could risk their life and climb round to the front of the train while someone holds their belt and lowers them dangerously close to track in order to scoop the baby up a moment before the train would hit it. At the same time the driver could engage the emergency brakes. Might work, might not, but it is the closet viable option i can think of towards success. And should failure occur all aboard at least know they tried to save the baby.
Take this to a real situation; over population. I recommend if the baby depressed you slightly, that you skip the next few paragraphs till you see in capitals: READ HAPPILY FROM HERE, as we are about to get a little dark.
How many humans can we support on this planet? We aren’t even supporting those that exist now, many die from hunger while others become obese, I have a spare tyre myself!
So 7 billion right now, but how cramped is it going to be if we double this? It’s not hard to double our population; everyone has an average of four kids for one generation and that’s it, done! 14 billion. Trying to find a little peace of paradise here in Thailand right now, and everywhere we go, there is loads of like minded souls searching for the same. It’s not the same with too many people around.
Think about housing, cut the space you have in half, cut the amount of food you can eat in half, water, energy, etc. What about our shit? How much of our own shit has to flow before it tips the balance in the oceans, to becoming mostly shit? What do you think they do with our poo from ferries and cruise ships? Airplanes? Coastal cities, villages and towns?
Think things are difficult now, try it with half the resources and double the amount of people with ever increasing demands while we continue shitting on, wasting, and destroying everything; including life we feed off, polluting our waters and air at least twice as much. Think you need more money? We need resources! We need to deal with our shit.
What is wealth? Having everything you need, want and desire? It’s not about money.
Think the governments haven’t questioned this? I don’t know, I’m asking you? Put yourself in their shoes for a moment, imagine you are the leader of the world, just like pinky and the brain. You have a series of logical options at your disposal.
You know the quality of life is decreasing for every extra human growing on this planet. You know it’s going to get worse, so you look at the maths and you start to project. You see that anarchy is a threat, and could potentially wipe us all out.
At some point in time you see it might be an option to cull, should other measures fail. Just like the baby on the train track, you can choose to kill fewer to save more.
You could simply ignore the issue and let anarchy take its toll. You don’t have to do anything about solving starvation, or proper medical care. You can leave in place unhealthy habits to help kill a few more through smoking and drinking, adding any chemicals you please to the air, food, and water systems. Allow tonnes of waste in to the oceans, and let the planet recover naturally afterwards. You can allow wars to continue, and promote that it’s necessary, the right thing to do, for the greater good. You can even support charities to help the masses psychologically feel like they are doing something to help the situation.
You know that asking everyone to change their habits while everyone’s needs are increasing might not go down so well. Asking nations to share resources is a political hot topic. You know that resources when you apply the math will reach a certain point where we move away from sharing and start aggressive wars over things like drinking water. It would be a nasty long felt psychologically damaging future for humanity.
You see growing resistance globally, against measures that might help us share more. You see complaint from the public over bailing out other countries. You see that the masses aren’t psychologically prepared for sharing resources now, so how will we suddenly change perspective later, when it gets worse?
Things look like they could be getting worse, and the public demand disclosure on all information. Yet if we aren’t psychologically ready to implement small measures now, we won’t be for bigger real issues such as over population.
You know that for us to live in peace with the resources we have, everyone needs to take more responsibility. We need to sort out our own energy production to make things cleaner. Deal with our own waste, poo and the like ourselves. We need to grow our own food, and work out our own methods of obtaining safe drinking water. And we still need to work together to further the human race.
You know that once people sort out everything they need, food, waste management, and energy production, the general population will simply kick back and party! And after generations of work, a big long extended happy peace party is quite rightly deserved.
You are also aware of massive resistance movements to government and organisation actions, so openly suggesting that people sort themselves out, might not go down as well as you hope.
You start to get smart (maybe) and think…. aha, reverse psychology! Tell the masses a load of crazy things to do, restrict their freedoms more and more, threaten them with electronic tagging, and the like, until they eventually stand up and sort things out themselves. Provide the motivation to change, and hope things work out peacefully?
Its a terrible moral dilemma for humanity. And how can we get the message out to everyone without causing mass panic and anarchy. It’s the biggest catch 22 ever!
We kind of know this dilemma anyway but most of us choose to ignore it. It’s real though. When and how we deal with it, will decide our future. How we deal with it will affect our psychological state for generations. We want to have peace in the end, and it would be nice but complex to design it peacefully along the way.
This in my opinion is something we need to psychologically prepare for. We need to accept it is an issue and individually we all need to contribute logically with feeling to solve it.
During the rest of this book I would like to bring together a number of ideas I have seen on the Internet which might help us survive sustainably through this moral dilemma.
We all need to peacefully apply our logic to solve these issues within the essence of ourselves, our communities, and the planet as a whole. Or peacefully accept a theoretical culling.
Maybe this doesn’t happen in our lifetimes, or maybe we avoid it? Who knows?
Personally if I’m going to be wiped out by an atom bomb during a culling I’d like to know about it, so I can steal a plane, jump out at the moment of impact, while accepting my death and witnessing the disgusting beauty of it all at the moment of explosion, while falling at terminal velocity.
Logic requires courage, intelligence, and feeling. When applying logic having the right information and dealing with it appropriately, while facing our inevitable death (Spock style!) will aid it’s appropriate application to the circumstances, within the moment.
Some of us are good at logic, and others are good at feeling. We can learn from each other how to mix the two, in to a new thing, a new word even “felogic”?? Getting to stuck on either feeling or logic can have undesirable outcomes for both. The Buddha say “the middle way”.
The middle way between our understanding and someone else’s. between our ego and the essence of ourselves. Between logic and feeling. Between what we decide to perceive as right and wrong.
Searching for the perfect feeling while ignoring logic might have you hurting others. Searching for the perfect logic will have similar outcomes. It’s a balance. When we witness this perfect balance its astonishingly beautiful, and instantly recognised as what can be seen within the moment as perfection.
Take Ancient Greek art for example; they applied logic and feeling to their countless statues, using maths to work out logically the distances between facial and body features in the human form. Measuring many people’s features noticing that between the two extremes was almost perfect symmetry, which they applied with artistic expression. You really get a sense of their work being touched by god, so close to perfection, and beautiful to recognise.
The Romans invaded Greece, and went on to conquer most of Europe. Where most of western civilisation has evolved from. The Romans didn’t get it quite right when they copied Greek art, their statues aren’t as close to perfection, and it’s clear to notice the difference when observed.
And this us here, with behaviour patterns and psychology the same as ancient romans. Few of us understand the beauty and benefit of mixing art and science, the information has been forgotten, by an aggressive race of humans which we ourselves are, and have evolved from. Spreading our messy imperfect concepts blindly across the planet. Like barbarians with high technology stumbling around not really understanding ourselves, the technology, or the behaviour patterns we re-enforce, while invading other nations, telling them how to behave in the same way.
Logic has some history, and some big impacts for the future of humanity, however the every day small things is where you can practice this skill, and spread this behavioural pattern worldwide.
Take waiting for table service in a restaurant; you finished your meal, and you would like another drink, you are very thirsty. Normal habitual patterns of behaviour say wait for service. You can see one dude running around trying to serve everyone and clear many tables, looking stressed. You become stressed yourself, you start to say to your dinning partner how terrible it is, how they should have more staff on, how they are purposefully ignoring your existence.
What’s the thing here, you want to have servants running around for you? Bringing you every thing perfectly to the table, your meal is going to be expensive with more staff available to cater for your every need sir!
What’s the big deal in happily getting up and helping the guy out? Help clear a few tables, take your empty glasses up to the bar, even get in the kitchen and help put a few plates in the washer. It’s not that dirty a job, you where just eating of some of those plates. Once things are more settled the waiter is going to be in a good mood, and ready to grab you a much needed drink. Everyone around you will have noticed the behaviour pattern, and see that its not so bad. We don’t have to be so shy, especially when we are shy, stressed, and impatient complaining at each other.
Logically aid your own and others existence, through the smallest of momentary actions.
Spread logic with love.
Feelings can be confusing to some, yet for those who learn to master and understand them, can navigate their way through life with less disaster, more prepared for it when it happens, closer to perfection, and with desired emotions closer to constant.
If you ever feel bad and wonder why you are feeling bad with no conclusion; it is likely that you haven’t grasped control over your emotions. If by this statement you feel angry at me, it is likely your ego is in charge of your emotions. I would like to remind you that I hope to provide a few controversial statements throughout this book that might trigger the ego, to give you an opportunity to learn how to identify it. I hope not to piss you off too much.
If that statement made you feel depressed, I am so sorry, I don’t wish to upset anyone. It’s easy to loose control of emotions, and I’m right there with you, been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. I’m not in complete control of my own either.
I am by no means through the process of this book, saying that I myself am perfect. Far from it in fact; I don’t do yoga every day, still eat meat often, use psychedelics, smoke tobacco, weed, and a fair bit of beer. I have arguments with my partner especially under the influence of alcohol. My paperwork isn’t in order, have a couple of tax bills im ignoring, a growing number of debts, and don’t achieve everything I set out to. I could do with more exercise, I eat relatively healthily, yet I still enjoy a good pizza.
I’m not standing from a position where I feel I’m better than everyone else preaching how to become a better person, showing how good my life is. I’m part of the shit of humanity, and I’m ready for change as much as I hope you are.
Through the course of this book, I hope to learn and change as much as I hope you do to. I would very much like to change with humanity at the same time, and should humanity wish to remain ignorant with our bad habits; I’m totally cool to hang with, and enjoy the process right there with you, basking happily in our own growing piles of shit. Should it be desired.
I don’t exactly know where I’m going with each of the chapters we are discussing here. I have been writing a lot about necessary human changes already. I simply thought of a rough idea for the book, selected a few subjects I thought should be covered, and I’m adding to them as I go along.
I am enjoying the creation of this book, and at this point in time I am about 3 weeks in. I am however starting to wish I never brought books on my travels to Thailand, as I’m writing one instead. I could do with the extra luggage space, but hey; no worries.
Esther Hicks is a cool chick (check her out on you tube) who channels information from her source. She has a very cool understanding of thoughts, emotions, energy, and reality. She describes in some of her talks that emotion is a guidance system. It lets you feel what your thoughts are predominately focused on, and if they are good or bad for you.
Very simple, yet do we apply this in our every day lives? Keep thinking bad thoughts and like magic, you start to feel bad. Keep thinking positive cool thoughts and you feel that way.
Attempting to observe your thoughts, and checking them all can be painstaking and a little crazy feeling. Which is why we have emotions, so we can make a quick check and observe when appropriate. So we can still get on with our lives.
If you begin to feel bad or negative in anyway, go in to your head and observe what thoughts are at play. If you are feeling bad it is quite likely that you have been sat there for a large part of your day thinking bad things. Simply switch perspective, start thinking good thoughts, and notice the emotional change within you occur.
actually do it now….. Observe your current emotion, identify it, then observe your thought patterns. Do they have a relationship? Check it in yourself, Im not going to tell you what the answer is, nor do I expect a certain response. Simply check yourself and see, it’s the only perspective you really need.
Check yourself
Check yourself
Check yourself
Check yourself
Check yourself
Feeling can be carefully controlled through observation, and the more you observe the more you are in a position to change them to desired thoughts and emotions. Before you know it your habits change to positive patterns, and you remember how crazy it was to think all those negative thoughts, which made you feel terrible.
Adding feeling to your logical conclusions will help you find the middle way. As the Buddha say.
Perfection is concept relatively easy to misperceive. It’s based on your perceptions. Right now I am sat by a pool in Siem Reap, Cambodia continuing our travels a little cheaper (as our money runs out and my debt increases), while exploring some ancient culture at Angkor Watt. The service here is out of this world, so much for so little money. Looking around right now I see people’s facial expressions, living in a universe of their own perceptions which seem to me to express their idea of perfection.
Switching my perspective to the waiting staff, I see they work constantly and in service to our every need. I see they are overworked, underpaid, and outside the air conditioned world of our hotel is unacceptable poverty. The people in the city are catering to all the tourists needs to make money, to hope to provide food for their families, obtain resources, and shelter. Few have the opportunity to work and make enough money to support themselves properly, so many sell and try to encourage the tourists to buy products they don’t need, feeding our consumeristic culture, while selling their own, applying more energy to making money than creating what they need for themselves. I feel guilty.
Is this perfect? It’s the same place, different perspectives. What can I do? Give a few dollars, give a bit of time? It doesn’t balance the inequality of wealth, it doesn’t solve poverty. I can choose to ignore, and remain inside my own perceptions believing that after giving a little money, smiling, and clearing my own plates that the moment is perfect, life is perfect. But I can’t. It’s not.
True perfection comes by design, not with money and service. Not with things. It comes from within, and can be expressed outwardly in to reality. But it is not achievable. I am aware it’s a contradiction, but believe that it will never be achieved. As my lover Tara likes to put it “there is always something”, a chapter she will add at some point in this book.
A careful quest towards perfection is an honourable task when it is not an obligation. Making perfection an obligation is futile, and will leave you in a perception of “there is always something” moving backwards away from a quest of perfection.
It will never be achieved.
The more you focus energy on achieving it, the finer the detail of perfection becomes. Like the fractal nature of the universe; every where we look the universe splits apart and expands producing ever more detail’s and complex systems of information. You will never understand the universe by looking outwardly at it, it is within the observer. Which is nothing. Nothing is in and around every thing, from the smallest to the biggest.
The things to do list is a good example of attempting to achieve perfection. Has anyone ever completed their things to do list? Only if they have accepted that it won’t or doesn’t have to be perfect. If aiming for perfection, the list will continue to grow exponentially backward and forward in to eternity.
The world might seem like it isn’t perfect, and when we allow whatever happens to happen, the perfection is more likely to arise. Psychologically accepting that everything is not and never will be perfect initiates a behaviour pattern where it is more likely to arise in all of us.
Just like sitting by this pool now, our ideas of perfection unbalances someone else’s. Through destroying our perceptions and seeing it for what it is, we might just observe the perfection when it arises. But it is not here now. Yet for everything that happens we might cause a moment to observe unified perfection. Yet it will only be in a moment. However if that is the case, it always actually was, and is now.
Take something copied from the Facebook group EWAO (Earth We Are One):
“Since my mind has opened, it has (like a flower opening it’s petals) been increasing level’s of consciousness through, and within me, expanding exponentially. I have been working further to develop some of the skills I now find possible which are almost unexplainable with words, yet it is so simple, possible, and very real.
I find flow energy, and stillness in knowing I am exactly where I need to be already. Through taking action with this fact known, I begin to find miracles/coincidences in so much of life. Right time and place in so many crazy ways that everything is possible, yet…….it’s like I’ve already written it like this?? and we are all god, and it is real.
I wake up with my girlfriend one day and after our daily squirrelling we start talking about needing to get food from the shops. We argue about not using the local shop as its too expensive and doesn’t serve a full bio range. It was a nice day but we decided to go out of the valley, to the nearest wholesale bio store, and go to the lake to make a day of it.
After our shopping experience while we are driving towards the lake we have a little silly argument about something neither of us can remember what for. Feeling a bit down, but with silence in the car, I look out the window at a waterfall and say “let’s go there instead!” My lover Tara agreed so we turned to the road which was immediately there at the moment we agreed to head in that direction.
We parked up, and started squirrelling around and up the side of the waterfall till we got scared and decided to head back down. As we descended we notice a rainbow across the waterfall, so we headed to the foot of the fall. We could see the end of the rainbow right there! we didn’t know what to do!
We stepped inside the path of the rainbow, and when our head was exactly inside the path we could see a 360 degree rainbow at eye level all around! We walked away like it was nothing! As we where walking away we turned to each other (both noticing at the same time we where rambling on about our day) and said to each other “we totally under-appreciated that!”
We wanted a picture and a moment of appreciation. So we took some photos and investigated further, this time noticing a full 360 degree rainbow projected a few metres away from us. We where both giggling and giving it the full appreciation we felt the moment deserved.
Had we; gone to our local shop, not had a silly row, not spotted the waterfall and changed plan in an instant, not hiked up the side of the waterfall, not felt scared and came back, we would have missed this once in a life time moment, and not answered one of the many questions since childhood…… What is at the end of the rainbow?
Here’s to coincidences! or is it a miracle?”
Simply allow, observe, and change appropriately.
It will never be “perfect” however perfection comes through imperfection.
Energy, frequency and Vibration
In the words of Nikola Tesla:
“To understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
This is a way in which we can observe the universe, nothing is still. Everything is in a state of vibration, at a particular frequency, with an amount of energy behind that vibration.
Get a pen, pencil, or bit of stick or whatever; you can see it exists, you can touch it, it’s real. The atoms inside it are spinning around billions of times a second close to the speed of light. Yet you observe it to be still. You can’t observe the atoms with the naked eye, but all these atoms are vibrating and spinning around at a certain frequency and amazingly you observe it as the thing you see. The energy is constant and remains so until other forces destroy or change it.
For that pencil to be observed the way it is for that amount of time, takes a great deal of energy, and it exists in all its atoms. Einstein has shown us the amount of energy we can extract from atoms, which is far from the actual potential energy contained within the space of atoms.
Now we can’t observe at the atomic scale this frequency without a proper microscope, so take this pencil or whatever and start to wobble it up and down in front of your eyes, at a steady rate/frequency. Keep changing the frequency until you observe the pencil to exist in a different state.
Wiggle a pencil
Wiggle a pencil
Wiggle a pencil
Wiggle a pencil
Wiggle a pencil
When we look deeper in to atoms we see electrons, and they seem to exist in multiple locations at the same time. Just like the pencil trick, it becomes a wave of potential. Potential places in which they could exist. In reality I have the potential to be writing this book (still by the pool in Cambodia), to be swimming, to be dead, to making love, to have never been born, etc. literally anything I can think of is a place where my electrons could exist. And at this scale of the universe they actually do.
Although I perceive myself to be right here only existing now, a greater multi dimensional part of me exists in many locations at the same time. I have the real opportunity to explore any one of these dimensions and bring them in to the frequency which I believe “I” exist in. Potentially grabbing my lover passionately right now, carrying her through reception giggling to our room.
Anything which I choose to imagine can happen, the imagination is a powerful tool of creation, and destruction.
Yet my lover exists in what she perceives as possible realities for herself. When I go to pick her up, I may not have noticed that she was quite content sitting there sunbathing and relaxing. From her perspective she also has a number of potentialities she can imagine and exist in, and with my spontaneously picking her up she may become stressed, embarrassed and more concentrated on opening a reality where she becomes concerned at my actions. This is where we find the “middle way” as the Buddha say; where the individuals possibilities reach that of another’s, and we bring in to this reality what actually happens, through our combined imaginations.
It’s so crazy, it’s so real, and if it wasn’t real we wouldn’t exist. Through free will, and observation we observe our universe and exist in this insane manner of a miracle.
Take another piece from EWAO:
“I had a strange out of body experience while listening to some binaural beats, check it out:
I felt like I became the reality which I perceive outside myself. It sounded like vibrating liquid and that I was the liquid rather than the separate form I choose to inhabit here.
In that state I thought of the vibrating tonigraph experiment I’ve seen on you tube before and it got me thinking about the small to the big in our reality and how we choose to see all of existence.
Check out the tonograph experiment link here:
The sand on the sheet falls in to the place of least vibration which forms geometric shapes on the sheet. The higher the frequency the more complex the shape.
Imagine seeing this occurrence in space in 3 dimensions. Then imagine its reverse image.
Imagine the lines of highest vibration as the most visible and the lowest (where matter collects) near to or non-visible.
We see these geometric shapes (the same with atoms and star formations) relative to space as thin objects with a lot of space all around it. Yet the majority of the energy/vibration is actually all around all of matter.
A more true representation of the universe might be to take a reverse image of what is seen with the eyes in geometric forms in both small and large scale models of the universe; and view matter as space and space as matter. For to see in this way is to see most of the universe which is the energy/vibration which brings everything in to its current form.
The matter changes with the higher frequencies, and the same can be said about our universe. We exist at a specific frequency of vibration, which moves us in to these specific weak points of vibration inside the universe. Matter always falls to the weakest point. Yet we are surrounded by a higher state of vibration all around us.
So when you look at the universe and you see all this matter bouncing and spinning around in the relatively calm spots of space and think… This is grand.. This is amazing, it’s so huge! Understand that the energy which causes it to form is much more grand and cannot be seen.
If you want to see the universe for what it truly is; you should look at vibration, frequency and energy.
Anyone out there have some 3D drawing/quantum physic skills they would like to apply to this theoretical concept?”
Energy has a close link to our emotions. We can prove that when we feel good we are generally healthier, more motivated, and more able to deal with illness. When we feel bad and depressed we seem to lack energy, become lethargic and less able to deal with sickness.
If you look carefully at another person as they change their emotional state; you can almost see a slight vibration, a frequency of movement which matches their emotion. In a way it’s body language, in another it’s how we become empathetic, and even psychic.
Understanding another persons energy or emotions, can be psychologically and emotionally challenging. We struggle with our own thoughts and emotions daily, and to comprehend another, or many others, may send you a little crazy.
If you feel like you can handle your own emotions and what others might think of you, no matter what that is, you can try a little psychic experiment. As an example I have provided one of my own, however feel free to adapt your own, or deny the existence of connectivity. All is cool. No worries either way.
We seem to develop a natural sub-conscious ability to ignore these types of perceptions, to protect ourselves psychologically. I would like to first draw your attention to moments it can be easily observed. If you feel fragile in anyway skip to the next chapter, and return when you are emotionally stable.
I don’t know what it feels like to hear voices from other people inside my head, and I’m not sure if it is possible to work like that or it’s through lack of understanding on my part. I’m simply trying to explain the energy connection and feeling someone else’s emotions. Which can be confusing, especially when you have your own thoughts and emotions to look through. So please first clear your thoughts, and remain in a state of peace ready to accept everything just the way it is. Simply observe without judgment.
Choose a public place, somewhere there is mixed emotions, maybe in a rush or in a place where people make mistakes frequently. Airport, cafe, bar, work, whatever. Watch people going about there day, and notice moments where people’s emotions change.
Watch for as long as comfortable and make a mental note when you look away from a situation.
People watch
People watch
People watch
People watch
People watch
You can see that there is a natural tendency of behaviour to look away from moments when people display their emotional changes. They seem to feel embarrassed or shy to express their emotion yet you seem to pick up on it, and look away.
In that moment if you can remain at peace and continue to observe (maybe with sunglasses on) you will see clearly and feel the person that you are observing and their emotions.
Take another post from EWAO:
“What would a psychic civilisation look like?
Well the answer is…. Like this! We all already are psychic…… although we have, and can choose to ignore this ability. Not all of us are currently comfortable with feeling other’s thoughts or emotions, either positive or negative towards each other.
Search for moments when you feel your gaze lowering, eyes diverting, or random nervous eyes finding something other than the person/(‘s) you are communicating with, to rest upon.
In these moments if you can find the courage to face reality with a bunch of thoughts and emotions as they are, you will perceive the psychic connection we all have.
Seemingly sub-consciously, we know when someone will have an emotion they might be ashamed of, so we look the other way. When you look at a person, you see their energy, even a vibration, and it is easy to understand it as a form of natural body language.
Looking deeply in to these moments I am beginning to understand energy from an intimate perspective; I will do my best to record my thoughts so that (I hope) we can learn and experience together. There is a lot more to it than what I describe here, however there really are “psychic” energies all around us, all the time; you simply learn how to tune in to them. Learn how to accept them.
Before going down this path of self discovery I would recommend:
Training yourself not to be affected by the emotions of others.
Understand your ego.
Understand your mind.
Understand your emotions.
Understand how people behave and respond.
It’s like learning four languages at once (your mind, another’s mind, your ego, and another’s ego). It seems complex but it is actually possible, and it already happens everywhere. Look at how energies and habits spread amongst a group of people.
Knowing where an energy you picked up on is located (ie your own or another’s mind/ego) will be a key to making sense of psychic perceptions as they are realised. When you pick up on a strong emotion (energy) try to identify it; Why did it come up? Did you make it happen? Was it an ego response? Did it come from someone else? Is it a response to someone else? Is there a delay in receiving the energy? Etc.
This outlook has helped me determine what I’m reading and from where. I understand there may be other more deep connections, however for me it isn’t a language inside my head. It is feelings, not words, so I am translating and understanding them in my own way. Which has led me to a process where I have thankfully been able to change my perspective on reality. Yet I understand how this perception could potentially drive a person insane, which is one reason why I made the above recommendations.
I have read a lot of books, watched a lot of you tube, questioned myself and reality with an awareness of fear. I am a regular guy that spends too much time in the French alps, and I am only talking from my inner felt experiences. I am recording some of the findings from my experiences I feel are true. However they are only my experiences and opinions, I encourage you to question so we can further our understanding together.
Look beyond these words; experience, experiment, and look within.”
If we can start to notice and accept others thoughts and emotions more deeply we can learn to communicate more effectively this way, and actually use body language/psychic powers! However maybe we already are, and simply it is not commonly and effectively practiced.
If you don’t believe it’s psychic abilities, think of it simply as understanding body language deeply with conscious careful and thorough attention. And surely that will mean we will start to understand each other more clearly.
Please feel free to believe what you will. I’m not sure myself, and from a position of uncertainty we are in a position to learn effectively.
This is a unanimous thing we will all have to accept. Its quite amazing that we exist at all, and we will all have to face our fate; from a deep personal perspective which can only be understood through the individual. No information from outside the individual will come close to explaining the reality of what death will be.
Death is something we rarely speak of (especially in the west), we develop deep fears for it; for ourselves, our loved ones, and living things that exist around us.
How do we prepare for it? It’s rare or unbelievable that someone else can say they have died and returned, to explain what happens in order to prepare others properly. The only way is to find out for ourselves, from our own perspective. It will be the greatest adventure since our very birth, (which we commonly fail to remember). Stepping in to the unknown, leaving our bodies and minds behind.
Even if we feel we have come close to experiencing death, remember a time before death, or even a past life, it is something that now exists in the imagination. We are here, we are conscious, we are aware, we are alive. Even a memory, no matter how vivid, only exists within the imagination.
Whether through religious, spiritual, or scientific practice, this concept seems logical to consider, and explore psychological preparations for such an amazing adventure that not one of us can say “this is how it will be”.
It can come precisely in this moment, or much later. You can choose to ignore it, or prepare now. In moments of danger and catastrophe, time seems to slow down, as our attention increasingly focuses more deeply on the moment. So those seconds, or milliseconds before death, might just be enough to prepare ourselves for the event.
Choosing to prepare in the current moment is a courageous endeavour, as the more you contemplate the fact that this event will occur, the more the reality of the event will unfold. However the more you prepare, the more you are able to deal with the fear of death. The more you are actually in a position to live and enjoy life, knowing that death will come in time, but for now you are ready to live.
Failing to accept that death will occur, will leave you in a great state of unknown. The longer you remain throughout the course of your life in this unknown state, the more fears develop. Before you know it you develop a wide variety of fears for; sharing a plate of food with a friend, crossing the street, playing a game, having fun, interacting with humans you are yet to befriend, and so on.
All these fears come from a fear of death, and through the course of time and your life experiences they develop in a complicated way, which makes it difficult to identify the source of fear. Which is the unknown, which is death, which is nothing.
These fears spread amongst us all, and how we habitually decide to deal with them, deciding the behaviour pattern that flows through most of us. Choosing to avoid the thing you are afraid of, will only leave it in the back of the mind ready to develop in other areas of our lives.
A common pattern of behaviour when it comes to fear is that we choose not to do the thing we are afraid of, not to think about it, not to look at it, not to speak of it, to deny it, to resist it. Yet death is unavoidable, and even if you could avoid it, you would develop increasingly deeper psychological fears for it the longer you are alive.
What is fear? Why do we have it? It’s a strong feeling, a bad one, a shakey one. However with my own experiments all I can feel is that it feels bad when I resist it. When I decide to accept my death, I become able to psychologically handle the event should it occur. I become better able to perform in the activity which triggers this fear, my movements become less shakey, and more precise. My mind becomes clear and my fear turns in to focus.
Imagine a fear like a huge monster that lives inside your closet like in the film monsters inc; you don’t want to look in the closet, you try to avoid it, not think about it, yet you don’t really know if its there or not? The imagination runs wild, and the imagination is what causes the fear. If you where to open the closet and see the monster for what it is, you would see a fluffy technicolored cartoon; quite cool really.
Imagine doing something which has an element of risk for the first time. Something like jumping off a cliff in to the sea, swimming with sharks, jumping out of a plane, crashing a car, farting at a dinner party, etc. Next time you are in a situation that triggers fear for you, notice the process within you.
When do you feel the fear? Before, during, or after the activity?
I’m not going to tell you how it is, just observe the process within yourself next time you feel it. Logically work it out, assessing when the fear comes and why? how does it affect your performance in the activity? What actually happens at the moment the fear determines necessary action in order to deal with whatever the situation might be? Wherever the fear exist for you, explore.
Go out and get scared!
Go out and get scared!
Go out and get scared!
Go out and get scared!
Go out and get scared!
The fear of death can also be seen as a defence mechanism, however to buckle to it, and avoid seeing the situation you are in, will make it a fearful imagination, distracting attention from reality. Of course we must protect our own lives and of those within our reality, life is crazy, it’s special, and worth protecting.
Take another post from EWAO:
“What are you afraid of?
Fear exists within everyone.
We are all one, separated, having infinitely similar, and different experiences.
Everyone’s fears are similar and differ dependent on life experiences and their permitted effect through the individual.
For me I see fear as a level within my consciousness which I must go through, not stop before and hide in a continued, circulative state of fear.
My fears are different from yours, but I have similarities in the way I can deal with them.
Many can be afraid of heights, and will continue to be so if they decide to avoid the edge of high points. Safety is an obvious concern and life should be protected from unnecessary accidents. However to go “through” this fear you could tackle it safely by climbing with an instructor, on a rope, with a helmet, on an easy route; after some clear instruction, and focusing your attention on the moment.
After one route you will feel the effects of going “through” what we commonly perceive as the process of fear.
I teach snowboarding and I see the effects of fear at different levels within the sport. It varies dependent on the level and experience of the rider, yet the effects are the same:
The mind begins to imagine things that could, have, and might happen. When the mind does this, it is much more difficult to send a clear message through the nervous system to the body parts in the moment, to make necessary movement.
The body can start to shake in response to this process, making the imaginations of disaster come true, through lack of momentary action. Thus begins a cycle of fear.
Choosing your level (where safety has been considered), and focusing the mind on the moment within the activity, brings with it the possibility to achieve your goals smoothly.
Your nervous system has a clear path for information to flow between the body and mind inside the moment.
Even the smallest fear (like farting at a dinner party) can be dealt with in a way that suits you.
Activley search within yourself, and face ALL your fear’s. In your own time, and in your own way.
Love and fear.”
what we perceive as
When we think about right and wrong, someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. If we can put away our concepts of being right or wrong and simply enter a path of discovery and adventure together, we will enjoy solving problems.
Imagine all the poo you have evacuated since birth, now stand on top of all this poo at sea level. What surface area does your poo inhabit? What altitude would you be stood at?

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