Cacao Club new paradigm alternative to mainstream social life

Cacao Club – The New Paradigm Alternative to Mainstream Social Life


Can you solve this puzzle? 

Instead of a simple “yes or no” vote for a complicated system;

How about a complicated voting structure for simple stuff?

Everyone deserves;
– food

– Water

– Shelter 

– Community 
We could design online surveys that make local solutions obvious. I.e how are we going to provide the basics for everyone?
When we all have everything we need (look around; most of us already have it) then what does it matter what we call a place or how that place is connected to a series of other places we have commonly decided to mark borders around and call places.
More borders is not cool, more control and less freedom is not cool either. 
At the heart of this particular vote we are basically saying;
We don’t want to be told what to do anymore..

Someone has told us this place is called that; and that place is called this, and we are different. Through competition & fear we have been motivated with numbers we call money to give the majority of our physical energy to a system that cannot support us sustainably.
At some stage we need to let this system go, but we need to cultivate a set of values that unite us all.
A leader cannot do this; we don’t want to be told what to do. But things need to be done, not complicated things. Very very simple things;
– We need to build or acquire shelter 

– We need to source water

– We need to grow food

– It helps if we can form groups to achieve this
But what about transport, aviation , going to space, medical care, supermarkets shops rail etc etc?? These areas of society have people in them already and through a period of transition would we let people die or help our brothers and sisters whichever place they are from?
There are so many technological innovations; amazing new energy start ups, 3D printer & drone revolutions, materials, food & water solutions. All while open sourcing is beginning to be explored. These technological revolutions have all come to a plateau; in a monetary system it will only divide society further. When we let go of money, these solutions will rapidly emerge.

We have been manipulated for so long in a paradigm of separation, fear & control. The question is are we ready for the next level? Are we ready to be the change we want to see in the world? 
The choice is simple;
Control or Responsibility..
The choice is ours

An invitation to collective self organisation – the NHS edition

– Imagine a consortium of medical professionals that can learn work and live for free- Imagine medical facilities with no money involved

– imagine technology created freely as required by the medical collective

– Imagine a collective that teaches and learns independently, responsibly and freely

– Imagine medical facilities that produce their energy from the local environment

– Imagine water collected from the atmosphere to supply patients and carers 

– Imagine hydroponic garden towers supplying food

– Imagine combining all the latest technology, from quantum computers to 3D printers

– Imagine an industry which trains people to scan and asses themselves 

– Imagine medical professionals training families to conduct simple procedures

– Imagine no set working hours   

– Imagine an industry that pioneers health and wellness

– Imagine an industry which looks to health solutions

– Imagine a medical consortium which aims to lower casualties in society

– Imagine a self sustainable health service which empowers individuals and communities

– Imagine something the ancient Greeks would be proud of


This proposal intends to be collectively ripped apart to enable the true spirit of collective self-organisation to emerge. It has not one author, but many. 

We would like to offer the exploration of a beautiful solution to your conundrum. 

Something which if you collectively decide to take action towards, could potentially change the world. 

Many organisations have been exploring full-spectrum sustainable solutions for a long time. A lot of effort has gone into developing support structures, examples, research & development and many design solutions. 

The term revolution will be understood differently dependant on our perspective. 

The world has not seen a revolution; Im not suggesting a means of protest, or violence; I wish to invite you to explore the most peaceful, intelligent, individually and collectively empowering movement towards systems which make sense. 

I would like to offer one vision, I am not imposing this, I simply provide one example from the social pressures I feel from this conundrum; as my partner is waiting for spinal surgery. My main focus is to do anything I can to help the NHS come to their own collective conclusion; Beyond “to strike, or not to strike”.

A truly self-emergent revolution is to be realised collectively, not demanded. In order for us to start thinking in this direction, we need to let go of our ideas in order to enable a collective self-emergent revolution to actualise. 


So please, consider this proposal collectively, as I humbly discard it for you to come to your own conclusion.

How could we get from where we are, to a point that makes collective sense? It seems unimaginable; perhaps I should more simply perform whatever reality checks are necessary to shut myself up?

Realistically I understand it would be negligent to initiate a concept like this immediately. With potential to cause a lot of suffering if action is taken without proper consideration. However there are some very simple actions that may help this concept begin to emerge naturally. 

When we look at our communities, we see so many systems that don’t make any sense; at the root of this, is a fear based system controlled by money. This system seems to be mutating radically through TTIP negotiations held in secret. 

If you have not heard of TTIP here is a clip which helps explain; RT explains the TTIP in 4 minutes

The only way to solve this problem so many are having around the world; is to tackle the root of this issue. By so doing we set an example, and help the rest of the world realise their potential. 

However this is up to you. No matter what path you choose, you will all need to feel supported by each other and the public. This may take some time before you all feel confident about whichever solution you choose to align with. 

A potential direction to move in;

Phase one

– Set up a Google hangout

Phase two

– Invite applications for an impartial voluntary presenter

– Invite guest speakers

– Invite media assistant volunteers 

– Invite admin volunteers

– Invite live questions & suggestions from public & NHS professionals

 Phase three

– Host weekly webinars

– Discuss problems 

– Research facts 

– Assign tasks to audience 

– Explore full spectrum solutions (beyond “to strike or not to strike”)

– Encourage ideas, outside the box thinking and welcome constructive criticism

– Discover the path from here to there

Phase four

– Find the best solution with highest peaceful potential 

– Explain and scrutinize the solution discovered before agreeing on unanimous action
Phase five
– establish a national health network

– Use the power of numbers in the network to explore grassroots people driven leadership over all NHS actions

Please know if you choose to move in a direction similar to this; we will all support you in every way. Going up against giant corporations with more control than governments, will take all of us…..

What would the incentive be for all of you to come together unanimously? Why should a service dedicated to care for communities have to struggle to survive? If you all decided to take coordinated action and stop paying your mortgages at the same time, we would support you. There is safety in numbers and you are the most crucial service in the UK.

How do we overcome pressure from corporations and governments? If we act synchronistically in great numbers, we can support each other. If we offer forgiveness in exchange to help this collective perspective emerge, our actions become non-violent. All we need to do to move in this direction is to start talking about it seriously.

I leave this here, if you read this; it is up to you to inspire in your workforce. This is not my idea, this is yours now. I wish you the very best in whatever you decide to do with it….

You may also wish to explore these links for some of the best examples of full spectrum solutions to revolutionise our world:

TheVenus project; 

– website; The Venus Project 

– documentary; The choice is ours

The NewEarth project;

– website; NewEarth

Introduction clip

International Tribunal for Natural Justice;

– website; ITNJ

Introduction clip

I love you all


The life question..

If you would rather work out the meaning of life for yourself, please don’t read this. I recommend that you don’t!!

Did you know that there actually is an answer to the life question?

Seen as so many have described it before, I don’t feel like I’m spoiling the process for the individual perspective if I let you in on the answer??? (thats if you didn’t already know yourself of course).

Caution! I don’t really know what I’m talking about!!!

If you didn’t know already; you actually have the capability of finding out for yourself intimately. Yet it can be hard to devote enough time to quiet your mind long enough to perceive the answer. So I shall let you know some of the things I realised from a deep personal perspective. Which is the only true perspective.

I encourage you to deepen your personal perspective whatever it may be, and to explore the depths of other perspectives as you feel appropriate.

The answer is:

Please restrain yourself if you would rather figure out the ending for yourself. The truth bellow is my truth, I hope you find your own.

I accept no responsibility for any psychological or physical matters arising from the words I present in this entire document. On reading this you accept liability.

The answer actually is……:

You are god, you that reads this.. You my friend.. are god 🙂

God is everything, all universes, all atoms, all stars, all dimensions. Everything.

You are part of that everything, therefore you are a part of god.

God is one, one is everything, you are one.

The answer lies inside the part of you that feels one.

The truth is within.

One is infinite, you are infinite, and you are experiencing everything.

Experiencing everything all at once is confusing, so you created time.

Everything is a lot so you created space. A lot of space.

One is alone and due to this loneliness you created matter and separatism.

You realised you created this separatism and that you are alone. After years of continued loneliness…. you forgot, so that it would be wonderful to find out for yourself, that you (and everything else); is everything, is god, is you.

One is infinitely and instantly connected to everything. Because in its deepest perspective everything is one.

Awareness of one, awakens to relative perspectives of one.

Become one within the outlines of your body. Become one with your vehicle, rock concert, snowboard, community, country, planet. Etc.

likewise separate yourself from a social order, or don’t move your leg for a month and disconnect yourself from it. Exercise the leg for a period of time and have it become one with you again. Or go through a period of normal social initiation within a group before establishing yourself as part of that community, as one.

Your body and its atoms are part of you in one sense. Yet in another they are separate, as you could remove some of your atoms and still be you.

You affect the atoms around you, because you are the things you have created. Including matter, space, time, and separatism.

Everything is a dream, it’s your dream! and just like within a dream all the characters are you!

This is a very real dream inside the mind of god, which is you.

If you do bad in your dream, you only hurt and suffer yourself.

You can do as you please within your dream, and hurt whom you please, but all the characters are you. Therefore it always comes back to you, and comes back to you tenfold, as the energy spreads and affects different parts of you. Karma.

It’s logical to assume that you will come to a point when you have enough of hurting yourself (perceived as others and loved ones). Then decide to be happy, and to feel one with the universe, everything, and god. Because when you can admit it to yourself; you really actually want to feel good 🙂

It’s a difficult process to accept as it goes against the things you have created to protect yourself from knowing the truth which may make you feel self-destructive. If you can accept these things, allow the temporary illusion to continue without affecting you, you might find peace.

The answer is within, everything you perceive as outside yourself is an illusion. The only thing that exists, is you. At the deepest source of everything in creation you will be able to realise this, as it can only be one thing that created the beginning, which is you. You are that one thing.

When contemplating the above, there are in my opinion two ways to look at this:

1. From an individual perspective; where you are your body.
2. From a one perspective; where you are everything inside and outside your body.

I would recommend meditating and contemplating the depths of both perspectives, while reading the above, as they mean different things depending on what perspective you look at them through.

Critically, logically, and with feeling; experiment with these concepts within the essence of yourself.


What is sanity?

noun: sanity
the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health.
“I began to doubt my own sanity”

synonyms: soundness of mind, mental health, mental faculties, balance, balance of mind, stability, reason, rationality, saneness, lucidity, lucidness, sense, senses, wits, normality, right-mindedness more antonyms: insanity

reasonable and rational behaviour.
“the next few years saw several appeals for sanity from top scientists”
synonyms: sense, common sense, good sense, wisdom, prudence, judiciousness, practicality, reasonableness, rationality, soundness, sensibleness

With this definition in mind, we can see that our understanding of the word “sanity” is a positive one.

noun: insanity
the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
“he suffered from bouts of insanity”
synonyms: mental illness, mental disorder, mental derangement, madness, insaneness, dementia, dementedness, lunacy, instability, unsoundness of mind, loss of reason; More
antonyms: sanity

extreme foolishness or irrationality.
plural noun: insanities
“it might be pure insanity to take this loan”
synonyms: folly, foolishness, foolhardiness, idiocy, stupidity, imbecility, asininity, lunacy, madness, silliness, senselessness, brainlessness, thoughtlessness, irrationality, illogicality, absurdity, ludicrousness, ridiculousness; More
antonyms: sense

Here our definition of “insanity” seems to be correct for what we would hope; having irrational, thoughtless people inflicting their views on humanity would not be great for advancing our race peacefully.

If we have violent, aggressive or irrational thoughts about ourselves or others we must find balance, seek help, and find rational peaceful ways of expressing ourselves and our ideas.

It’s not a terrible thing to seek help from a professional; there are many out there that are good at what they do, and have hope for humanities enlightenment.

How many of us have been taught how to find balance of mind, how to deal with negative or violent thoughts, how to observe our own minds and create peace in our lives? Don’t be shy to observe characteristics within personality, and psychologically heal each other. This a good thing.

It’s something we would benefit from observing inside ourselves, while encouraging others. Including our governments, organisations and politicians.

To have negative or aggressive thoughts towards ourselves, our governments, other nations, and individuals, should be an indicator for personal improvement.

Likewise; for leaders, organisations, governments, and politicians to have similar thoughts towards themselves, other organisations, nations or other people; should also be an indicator for finding personal improvement. As well as a serious concern to continue in their influential role.

See article from collective evolution here;


Shifting perspective

“It” can feel anyway you desire, you can decide to shift a perspective to see any situation, in anyway you choose. No matter how crazy it seems to those around you, or society as a whole.

Behaviour patterns affect many, and spread far. The way we behave while waiting to check in at the airport, while observing another faster queue next to us; Generally leads us to become a little stressed. This behaviour pattern is sub-consciously observed and reflected by all the queues around the globe.

Step out of the perspective if you feel it doesn’t serve humanity, and flip it; Enjoy the queue, realise everyone in the queue is on the same plane. Relax, start a conversation, show your party trick.

You are travelling with other advanced life forms ready to fly in a metal container to another part of a spinning ball of rock, which is orbiting a ball of fire, amongst many other balls of fire, in a vast open incomprehensible space.


The clumsy beautiful moment

Every time we drop a glass, trip over, bump in to someone or hurt ourselves in anyway; we have an opportunity to expand our awareness.

In every day life, in every accident, in every mistake; we are given an opportunity to explore how effective our attention is within the moment.

Its good to observe an anxiety, a fear, or anything else which can come in to these moments of “clumsiness”. We have the potential inside these moments to ask ourselves why? Why am I afraid of dropping a glass, etc?

When we look at moments of disaster through an accepting clear mind, amazing things start to happen; we catch the glass without thinking, we avoid catastrophes in miraculous ways.

We live our life accepting death, amazed at the clumsy beautiful moment.


Is this Enlightenment?

Is this Enlightenment?

Is enlightenment like saying; I’m done, I’m the best I can be? The most aware, the most peaceful, logical and wise?

If the everything, is everything, is infinite, then surely enlightenment is never really achieved?

If we look at enlightenment as perfection; We will never get there. To make perfection an obligation is futile, to strive towards it, is the very nature of perfection itself.

Perfectly imperfect, enlightenment in non-enlightenment .


Is it real?

When we are told things like; we aren’t free, police state, mass surveillance, organisations are evil etc… Something happens inside us, we believe it, we fight it, we go crazy.

I might not have enough money to do everything I want, but if I really want it; I know I can find a way. If I want to travel and I don’t have money; I can just walk and hitch hike, and trust in the goodness of others.

If I want to live somewhere else, I can. If I want to live off grid here, there, or anywhere; I can. There might be “laws” saying I can’t; but just like the weed I smoke every day….I still can.

Lacking freedom is an illusion. A mass psychological disorder. No one is in your face telling you; “stay put, work here, don’t do that, do this” and actually have any power over you. Even if you are in jail and reading this; you don’t have to do what your told, you are welcome to resist.

You’re scared, that’s all it is. Chill out, relax, take some deep breaths…. Accept whatever happens, and do whatever you want. You literally are a creator, and you can design your life anywhere, however you want.


Is everything, everything?

Are we all part of the whole of everything?

Is everything, everything?

Is everything god?

Are we pieces of god?

Are we as infinite as god, as everything?

Is infinity, infinite?

Through infinity would boredom emerge?

As “everything” what would be created through infinite boredom?

Would “everything” remember its creation is just a dream, within a dream?

If we are part of everything why do we die and forget?


Milky ocean

Our different strengths support each others different weakness.

To have strength, a side affect will be weakness.

Different strength, different weakness.

Across the globe we have many different strengths, and weaknesses.

As our global civilisation increasingly grows in to a more unified world (thanks to the Internet) we can observe that we have all grown in different environments and conditions. As a consequence different psychological states have emerged to what we see spread across the globe today.

Whether manipulated or natural in communities big and small; We see different psychological traits, from one place to another.

We see different things happen when different mixes of psychological states come together. Sometimes violent and sometimes peaceful.

But with our mass diversity of psychology across the globe in areas where certain states have a weakness, others have strength.

By natural or manipulated psychological design, we seem to have the ability to help each other.

Together maybe we can tackle every global issue from every angle imagined.


Same same, but different?

Dress it up as you like; but it’s all the same same…..

Making love

Sure there are different styles, but it’s all the same same…

What’s the difference between a box to live in here, or there?

What’s the big deal with things?

What does an experience mean, when the experience has been?

What do we really need?

Could we forget about our greed and spread more seed?

Can we see?; we create our creation of a dream within a dream..

Could we forget our fears, our nightmares, our suffering; and consciously co-create a dream, within our dream, in a dream?


The evolution of spiritual teaching and learning

To teach, to tell, to listen, to see, to learn; are all things perceived outside of the self.

Teachers, learners, and experiencers; are all in their essence wrong. Including myself as I write here.

We only seem to be able to form concepts. Every word, thought, and action is but a concept, and we use them to point towards the conception-less.

We can’t even say; “the conception-less simply is” or even “I am”. As the conception-less is conception-less.

We can’t say that it can only be experienced, as even this is a concept.

Spiritual teacher can point, however the learner is listening to concepts pointing at non-concept. Which in itself is a concept.

To know non-concept is something like the concept of enlightenment. But remember……this is a concept.

If we hope for everyone to grasp this non-concept of enlightenment; the way we teach and learn spiritually should evolve.

How do you who reads this, believe how this will or should evolve?


Negative patterns of thought

Within a tiny particle of time, create an imaginary black hole inside the mind; At the precise moment of formation, cast a sticky thought pattern to it.

A black hole turns mass in to a singularity, a tiny speck of infinite density, so small it might pop out of our universe. Giant (tiny) black holes like at the centre of our galaxy transform mass in to energy; creating stars and new life.

Allow heavy negative thought patterns to be cast in to the singularity, ready for explosive transformation to positive, creative thought patterns.