The twisted crazy beautifully disgusting path of enlightenment

We hear an escalating amount of consciousness chat these days, and it’s great! a huge awakening actually seems to be happening right now.

Many are beginning to awaken to the simple fact that we haven’t been looking after the planet, each other, or even ourselves very well.

When we feel we have become more aware of some of the “facts” we begin to make statements like “they need to wake up!” It’s as if the ego is rising at the same time as awareness?

Most of the aspects of awakening are very simple. And it is this simplicity which triggers our ego.

Remaining in the moment and dealing with reality seems simple; yet all of us have lived in the illusions of our own mental projections, assumptions, and judgments for so long it’s understandably difficult to break the habit.

It’s the ego that feels the need to have already attained this momentary level of attention consistently. Believing the ego only results in us remaining inside a world of our own illusions, that we “think” is momentary attention.

Monks study for years to attain this level of awareness. Yet it really is so simple, it’s like here it is; this is it, this is reality, right now. What did you think it was? Are you crazy?

Just to clear this up, I may be writing this as if I know what I’m talking about, or like I have attained this level of awareness continuously, but I haven’t. By writing this I am learning for myself, and I invite all humans to join together in whatever way possible in order for us all to learn together how to achieve this; To become enlightened.

When we awaken, we awaken to both the inside and the out, to the dark and to the light, to ourself and to our ego. It’s easy to say “wake up!” To the guys and girls seemingly in the dark, however an “awakening” is simply that, and all it is. Its like children running around declaring they have found something really important, and its a rock, its just a rock. In a way a rock is interesting, just like enlightenment.

Soon the question comes, so what can you do with this rock? or with this awakened mind? The next logical step is to practice. If you are a teacher you know there are phases of learning;

Not aware





Before we can say that something is acquired or automatic in our consciousness, we must first practice. Practice is the longest phase, and we can always return to it.

One day in the future advanced humans will look back at this point in our civilisation. Or perhaps with their time travel and super advanced reconstruction computers they are already observing our actions now?? All this enlightenment and awakening stuff is really simple chat, that might even replace our conversations of “the big red guy” with our children one day.

Right now as soon as we awaken to the simplicity of enlightenment, we observe that it isn’t present in most of our civilization, it’s simplicity triggers our egos, and we refrain from discussing it openly.

Lets take the discussion of ego, momentary awareness, and enlightenment beyond the books, the classes, yoga, satsang, beyond healing ceremony, medicina, beyond even Facebook!

I am here (not enlightened) with you, ready to learn together what it takes to “achieve” universal enlightenment.




The pursuit of enlightenment

To pursue real and ever lasting enlightenment is a noble endeavour. From my own perspective, at this moment (which I encourage you to ignore); to become enlightened is to remain inside the moment, to understand the difference between reality and illusion, and to live permanently inside truth.

If this is the case we must look at the truth to discover reasons that might prevent enlightened sight.

The truth has both seeming light and darkness contained within. Both are part of the truth, to see perceived light and darkness in any given situation is but the start of our own judgments, about categorising events. For ourself.

A habitual response I often observe in myself upon judging a situation of darkness is a willingness to avoid, to look away, to resist. However the moment I choose to judge the event as dark is the moment my mind creates a universe of illusion.

Continuing to observe a moment perceived as dark, I start to see why it has become, and allowed to rise through lack of attention, and dark illusions.

It’s simple, and through courageous attention I start to see.




What humanity perceives as enlightenment is merely the first level of understanding.

It is common sense. On earth it is not yet common.





As our perceived complexities present themselves in growing numbers, an air of “stress” arises within the individual.
A habitual response upon presentation of a large amount of seemingly confused information, is to close up. We can see this occur within our self and others during the moment.
Are we sub-consciously protecting ourselves psychologically?
If we hope to peruse enlightenment, truth, and infinite information, this stress must be a sign that we aren’t psychologically prepared for infinity. A supposed side affect of enlightenment.
Infinity is everything: beyond judgment, beyond reality, beyond imagination, beyond good and bad, beyond infinity.
I am thankful for confusion; for it protects me before I’m ready, during the same moment it shows me how to prepare for infinity.
To infinity and beyond!

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